New Moon Astrology: Co-creating with the Rhythms of Luna

The New Moon is a time for initiating and planting seeds in our lives; it is a symbolic time of personal rebirth. Metaphorically, it is the time of the Maiden, the new, fresh outgoing energy of the Triple Goddess. It's the optimum time to birth new intentions, set plans in motion, and state new goals. While the Moon is still dark (not visible) our seedling intentions can be nurtured and their roots can be strengthened. This blog will address the New Moon each month from an Astrological perspective, and how you can co-create with the natural rhythms to manifest your highest intent. Each Moon will correspond to a Guiding Goddess Archetype that resonates with the current astrological energies.

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Weekly Sun Signs: August 18th

Weekly Sun Signs August  18th-  24th

Virgo Season! Stepping Over the Threshold
Mercury entered Virgo on August 15th at 9:44 am (PDT) heralding the beginning of the change from fiery Leo energy into the practical earthy energy of Virgo. The planet Mercury is the harbinger of this sea change, followed by the Sun on the 22nd, and the New Moon in Virgo on the 25th. A palpable shift has begun towards the transition into autumn. I know lots of people who shriek at the sight of a lone yellow leaf in the sea of green, but I love this time of year! Everything is saturated with a golden glow, and even the sunsets are more vivid.  Sunday, August 17 (and into Monday) marks one of the most auspicious aspects in Astrology – Venus conjunct Jupiter.  This is sure to be replete with all of the good things in life: romance, creativity, and pleasure to spare.  Take advantage of this day, and plan something really special.

Let’s Learn About Virgo!
The Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd, at 9:46 pm (PDT) where it will activate the Virgo part in all of us for the next 30 days.  For Sun sign Virgos, happy birthday!  This is your personal New Year.  We all have every sign somewhere in our birth charts, and wherever Virgo is in your chart, is the area in which you will experience this energy for the next month.  Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign, meaning that it is a threshold sign, bridging one season into the next, and resonates with the grounding and stable element of Earth.  Virgo is the archetype of the Virgin goddess, originally meaning, “whole unto herself”.  And, no matter how devoted Virgo is to the people in his or her life, a certain part of Virgo’s psyche remains “untouched” by the opinions or influence of anyone else.  Virgo season is summer transitioning into autumn, and this Mercurial energy is indelibly imprinted into the archetype, giving way to a flexible nature in the Virgo personality.  Virgo season is the preparation for harvest.  It is fast paced and busy, as we get ready to go back to school, work, and our daily responsibilities after the laidback days of summer.  Virgo is often lauded as analytical, discerning, and as having a superior flair for organizational activities.  When you think of the qualities of the season, this makes perfect sense.  The shadow side of Virgo can be critical, nervous or high strung, and sometimes a slave to the minutia of detail.

Virgo is associated with all types of ritual, and integrated daily spiritual practice.  There is a visceral body/mind connection with Virgo, and you can find many Virgos working as nutritionists, yoga teachers, holistic practitioners and hands-on therapists.  Health and daily care of the body are all Virgo preoccupations.  Virgo is also the inspired craftsperson, using their attention to detail to produce beautiful works in a variety of mediums.

Aries and Aries Rising
With the recent line up of planets in Leo, life has been a bit of a non-stop party for you Aries, as it should be in the glory days of summer!  But now, with the shift of planets moving into Virgo season, it means it’s time to get down to business.  That back to school feeling is definitely in the air this week, and you are starting to feel the necessity to get down to business.  You’ll be feeling the push to get better organized, and come up with a plan to stay on top for the rest of the year.  You might be drawn to a new lifestyle, health or spiritual discipline that helps you ground and center.  Now is the time to commit to that yoga and meditation routine you’ve been thinking about, and make it stick.

Taurus and Taurus Rising
Oh, sweet powers of creative manifestation!  The next month has you realizing your creative dreams, Taurus!  This is serious playtime, and you could find a way to prioritize pleasure and fun, so that it makes sense, and maybe money.  Times spent with children are enjoyable, and the home front is sweet.  Some of you may even add to your family over the next year.  Although things could be a bit tense in your intimate partnership over the next week or so, there is also the potential for serious commitment and pushing through any obstacles to get to where you want to go as a team.

Gemini and Gemini Rising
It’s all about family and the home front for the next month, Gemini.  On the other hand, you will be extra busy and growing your networks for the next year.  Expect to take courses, workshops, and generally explore everything and anything that piques your curiosity.  The e-mails will be flying fast and furious and new and exciting contacts pave the way for growth and inspiration.  There might be trouble brewing behind the scenes at work, possibly with a boss or someone in a position higher than yours.  Or, you might just have the push to take something in your job to the next level, and commit to action that will ignite the spark of change.

Cancer and Cancer Rising
The pack of planets moving into Virgo charge up your third house, meaning you will be busy as a bee for the next month.  Your social calendar will be packed, but you will also be discriminating about who gets the pleasure of your company.  You don’t want to spread yourself too thin.  Communications are amped, and you could find yourself negotiating and signing contracts.  Lots of short trips and interaction with siblings are in the cards.  It’s possible that some of you will move house.

Leo and Leo Rising
The spotlight has been on you in a big way for the last month Leo.  You are charming, gracious, and coming across like royalty.  You’re on a crazy growth phase that will last until next August.  People can’t help but notice you.  Your mind’s on your money, and your money’s on your mind.  Some of you will be thinking of buying and selling real estate right now.  Make intentions on the New Moon on the 25th around prosperity and possessions.  Rev up your self-esteem from the ground up, not just your ego.  Your domestic scene might be intense, at least until after next week.

Virgo and Virgo Rising
This week you might feel like you’re waking up after a long sleep Virgo.   Happy birthday! It’s Virgo season, and your time to shine! It’s your personal New Year and you’re feeling confident, vital and bursting with energy.  You show up on the scene like a star wielding those Virgo super powers with your analytical mind, sharp insight and that flair that always know exactly what is required.  Use this month to get on track, stay on track and push something through.  It’s your time to debut or introduce something you have been working quietly behind the scenes on.  On the other hand, there is something even bigger waiting in the wings for you that will open things up in a huge way for you next year at this time.  Use the New Moon in your sign on the 25th to plant your seeds of intention.  Be mindful about exactly where you want to be next August, as it will be a major rebirth for you, and the start of a 12 year cycle of opportunity and growth.

Libra and Libra Rising
Dream big Libra!  You’re working quietly behind the scenes on something now that is still in a state of becoming.  By September 22nd (Libra season) that something will be ready to present.  Get plenty of rest, and don’t overextend yourself right now.  Some of you will be contemplating a serious move, either home or career – possibly both.  However, you want to make sure these plans are built on a realistic foundation, and not rooted in fantasy.  You are thinking long term, and are security conscious right now.  You can make some really astute calculations about real estate, finances, and resources over the next year.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Lucky Jupiter at the top your chart will increase your visibility in your career over the next year, Scorpio.  I’m not a fan of clichés like “fame” and “fortune”, but you will definitely receive recognition and accolades!  Your career really is about to take off in a big way.  Starting this week you are supported in taking your message out to the wider world.  You reach your Tribe, and begin to work with people who inspire you through teamwork.  Be careful of coming on too strong, although you are making some serious strides right now with Saturn (commitment) and Mars (action) igniting your first house.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising
It’s time to harvest all that hard work you’ve been doing in your career Sag!  Separate the grain from the chaff let go of what isn’t working, and move into the limelight!  You are appreciated and noticed for your unique abilities and talents now.  Make intentions around career/vocation.  Are you doing what you want? Clarify exactly how you want to show up and let it fly, because now’s your time to shine.  Jupiter in your 9th until next August means you will likely travel, explore and adventure to exotic locales.  Some of you might decide to go back to school over the next year.  Whatever you do, it’s about creating new horizons and seeking new experience.  You might have some secret tension building on the back burner right now, or maybe you’re just exhausted.  This might have to do with work, don’t worry - it will pass after next week. Stay centered, and know your end goal.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising
The shift into Virgo season means you are going places Capricorn! Literally.  Travel, exploration, publishing opportunities, and higher education abound.  The New Moon has you making intentions for new adventures.  It’s time to open up your life to possibility.  Exploring the Mysteries, depth psychology and sex continue to be a focus over the next year.  Issues with group dynamics can be challenging.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising
You have been, and will continue to enjoy magical romantic times with your partner.  Some of you will become engaged, married, or otherwise deepen a commitment over the next year, Aquarius.  Congratulations!  Stress or challenges with bosses, parents or authority type figures may erupt over the next week or two.  Keep your cool.  You are also empowered to push something through to the next level in career and social standing or status now.  Realistic planning coupled with serious action will see you through to success.

Pisces and Pisces Rising
Your house of partnership and marriage is about to light up, bringing a focus to marriage and commitment.  Unpartnered Pisces may suddenly be dreaming about lasting love.  Partnered Pisces find ample reason to re-commit.  Things are still moving along well in your job, where you can expect promotions and recognition until next August.  If you are looking for work, expect to hear some good news soon.  You may find yourself seriously considering taking a course that will broaden your horizons and expand your possibilities.

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Danielle is the Astrology columnist for SageWoman magazine and Banyen Books and Sound. She has studied Astrology for over 27 years, and has professional certification in Psychological Astrology. She works in private practice as an consulting Astrologer and Intuitive Holistic Counselor. Danielle holds a degree in Women's Studies, and is currently completing a second degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Counseling Psychology. She is a passionate scholar of the works of Carl Jung, mythology, and archetypal psychology, and works best with individuals who are on a psycho-spiritual growth path. Her essay Dancing in the Temple of the Queen of Heaven, was recently published in the anthology, A Mantle of Stars. Contact Danielle to book your next reading at


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