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Awesome Amulets: Protection Magic

The term “amulet” comes from the Latin word meaning “defense.” Indeed, amulets are a way to protect yourself that dates back from the earliest human beliefs.


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Storing Crystal - Best Practices

Hello fellow crystal lovers! In this blog post I am going to answer a question I recently received. It also addresses other questions which seem to pop up on occasion, one of which I will answer in another post.

storing crystals

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It has been a while since I have had a chance to sit down and write.  Too long in fact.  I have left yet another job and started another, more learning of things that in some ways just do not make sense.  Another job where I am the oldest and am teased about my "ways" of doing things.  Just today I was teased about how I always look at the good side of things.  Well, I'm a Reiki Master/Teacher, there's a reason why I am this way.  But I have had time to reflect.  I find that I am still trying to find the job that I am comfortable in, one that I feel comfortable in my own skin.  On June 30 I turned another year older (49), way too old and starting to sense the Wise Woman in me.  

One new aspect is that my middle daughter, Marie, has opened up to let me know that she is seeing and sensing spirits as well as energy from people around her.  My husband has recently asked me to cleanse our house (teenagers create and attract a lot of various types of energies).  Marie is going to learn this process.  I am going to take her under my wings and teach her.  This gives me two benefits.  First I know what she is learning and I can guide her towards more material.  She is curious and I want to encourage this curiosity.  Secondly, this gives me a chance to dust off my course books and various other books and binders and relearn some aspects of healing modalities that I have neglected.  I have a student!  But I need to remember that I live with this student and to not overwhelm her with information all the time.

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Crescent City, California December 1981

I started picking up rocks with my Granny on our summer vacations to Crescent City, California. We would pick up the agate on the beach. Sometimes we would lay in the pebbles and sift through them, holding them up to the sunlight to see which were most translucent. The top layer, dried by the sun, (which beckoned us to sit and dig) was deceptive. The sea water would seep up from the under layer and soak our knees and elbows. When the agates we found dried, we would lick them to rediscover the shine.

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This is the final post of the series on digging crystal in Arkansas. Last time we discussed how to find crystal (what to look for). This time we'll cover what to do with your crystal once you get it home, namely, cleaning.

When you're finished digging and ready to go home, the best way to pack your crystal for transport is with newspaper. If you have used the zip top baggie suggestion I mentioned in post number four, they can be placed side by side in the floor behind the seats. Clusters can be placed in a flat box with newspaper around and bunched in between them to prevent them from bumping each other. The same goes for any large points you might have found.

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This is a continuation of a series on digging crystal in Arkansas. Last time we discussed what to wear, what tools are essential, and the other intimate details of what to pack in your vehicle. This time let's get down to the actual nitty gritty of digging the crystal and let's talk about what to look for in the tailings themselves.

In the new tailings, you will be looking for sticky masses of clay. At the majority of the mines I have been to, the clay is red. Some mines have different colors of dirt and clay, depending on the composition of the Earth. We'll just discuss the red clay, since it is in the majority, but keep in mind it may differ according to where you are.

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Last time we talked about when the best time is for digging crystal in Arkansas, and covered a little bit about new tailings versus old tailings, dry weather versus wet. Whichever area and whatever weather, crystal digging is a dirty process. Even when it's not wet, the red clay permanently discolors your clothes. In this post we'll talk about what to bring, what type of clothes to wear and what tools are handy to have.

Wear something old that you don't mind getting stained. It is ideal if you have a pair of coveralls or overalls. When you are ready to pack it in and go home, you can strip off your dirty outer layer and ride home in relatively clean, dry clothes. Of course, there are bathrooms at some (not all) of the mines, so you can change before you go home. I find that I am usually too tired to change my clothes, and my truck is testament to this fact. You might want to put old towels or sheets over your seats if you are persnickety and don't want your vehicle to get all dirty, dusty and stained.

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