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I tend to use a fair number of pop culture quotes in my spellwork.  “Make him an offer he can’t refuse,” “The hardest thing in this world is to live in it,” “I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you.”  Why? Because the people whose profession it is to come up with powerful words that stick in your head forever are better at doing so than I am.  Well crafted quotes can trigger deep emotions and connect to deep energies in ways no words I could come up with would ever do.  The story context, emotional cues, and place in popular thought can make the right quote become the best set of “magick words” imaginable.

A spell is, more or less, any deliberate action designed to focus your intent and project it out into the world in order to manifest that intent.  The actions you take in the process of casting your spell are designed to: 1)  focus and energize your intent, 2) direct the intent to your target, and 3) send the intent and energy to the target to manifest.  Arm the missile, target the missile, send the missile.  There are almost limitless forms that spellwork can take and almost all of them use either written or spoken words.

Although words are not a requirement, most spells do involve words in some form or another.  The majority of the world uses words as their primary form of communication; our brains expect words to narrate and explain what we do.  This makes words the natural choice for defining our intent in magickal workings.  In spellwork this is most often done via incantation - the words spoken during a spell; quite literally your “magick words.”  We use words to define and focus our intent, to describe where we want our energies to go, and often as a trigger for sending that energy out into the world.  Quotes can be used in any of these steps if they're appropriate.  For some practitioners, particularly the writers and speakers among us, the incantation can be seen as the magick itself.  Incantations often use archaic language, rhyming, and specific mental imagery to best connect to our core being.  The right quote can do all of those things automatically.  The more points of connection in our minds between the words and actions in the spell and what we want that spell to actually do, the greater the volume of energy we transmit to our working and more easily to boot.  

Using an appropriate pop culture quote can increase the success rate of spellwork without any extra energy from the caster.  A movie quote, song lyric, book passage, etc., can have a lot of power beyond the mere words spoken.  Of course, in terms of using quotes in spellwork, the words are the primary basis of power.  It’s critical that the words of your quote mesh completely with your intent.  It’s better to modify the quote slightly than to use it verbatim and risk it pushing your intent off track.  For example if I wanted to use the quote “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope,” while petitioning a specific deity I might exchange “Obi Wan Kenobi” for the name of the deity in question.  Further, I wouldn’t want to use a quote spoken in a negative context, no matter how beloved or appropriate the mere words seem, in a success spell (i.e. just about any line from season six of Buffy the Vampire Slayer).  Be certain the words of your quote totally and completely mean what you intend. 

Beyond the words of the quote is their context and the emotional weight they carry with you.  Movie, television, and video game quotes are particularly potent when it comes to the weight they carry within individuals and in popular consciousness.  When supported by music, imagery, or movement words become even more powerful as we engage with them more fully.  A pivotal line spoken against the backdrop of striking imagery and powerful music becomes iconic and striking (think “‘Till the end of the line”, “As you wish”, or “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you”).  Then one must examine the personal context for the quote.  Did you see the movie once and kinda like it; does the song lyric get stuck in your head; have you recited these lines more times than you can count since childhood; are they so important to you that you’ve literally tattooed them on your body?  While it might not work as well for someone else, as someone with a deep love of the Iron Man movies in general and Phil Coulson in particular I might use the following quote in a binding spell: "If you try to escape, or play any sort of games with me, I will taze you and watch ‘Supernanny’ while you drool into the carpet."  The emotional power of the movie you watched over and over during the best summer of childhood or the album that was the soundtrack for your first love taps deep into our souls and personal power, making their words that much more potent. 

To the immense well of a quote’s personal meaning, you can also add popular weight.  The beauty of pop culture magick is that you can add the power of everyone else who knows and loves your bit of pop culture to its intrinsic power.  How well known are the words of you quote?  Is your quote a bit obscure, but perfect?  Is it from something mildly popular or are the words so ubiquitous that everyone and their grandmothers know them (think “may the force be with you” or “live long and prosper”)?  The qualities of appropriateness, personal weight, and popular weight of a quote can give your incantation a lot more bang for your buck than you might think.

Keep in mind that there can be too much of a good thing.  Using one or two mindful quotes will serve as powerful exclamation points in your spell.  Using too many quotes may have the effects of either diluting their power or muddling your intent as you get wrapped up in your own cleverness.  Better to use just a few quotes as attention grabbing flourishes.  Is it possible to do a potent and effective spell with a ton of quotes?  Of course it is, but it would have to be extremely carefully crafted and probably wouldn’t end up being any more effective than a spell consisting mainly of original language with one carefully curated quote.  Then again, a spell or ritual made up of tons and tons of quotes and references could be a fun experiment if you’re willing to do the work to get it right.  My personal preference is for just one or two quotes because I want my spells to feel like they’re mine: my words, my emotions, my energies.  Using too many words written by others makes me feel like my energy gets diluted.  Be mindful of quote density and be sure that your intent is being expressed as fully and powerfully as it needs to be.

Say your right words and you can enhance the power of your spellwork with the weight of popular stories, their emotional cues, and their place in the popular mind.  The right quote has built-in connections to immense reserves of power both through individual significance and their place in the greater currents.  Used mindfully, pop culture quotes can give your spells an instant and effortless boost in potency and joyfully take your magick to the next level.


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Time, Tarot and Magick http://witchesandpagans.com/pagan-culture-blogs/78-magickal-tools/time-tarot-and-magick.html http://witchesandpagans.com/pagan-culture-blogs/78-magickal-tools/time-tarot-and-magick.html

Have you ever noticed that none of us perceive time in a consistent way? An hour at the dentist seems to take forever, while an hour-long massage seems to slip by in an instant.

 For me, the past few months have flown by. Since my last post I was excited to be a headliner at Florida Pagan Gathering Samhain 2016, and to be named “Tarosophist of the Year” for 2016 by the Tarosophy Tarot Association.

Both of these were great honors, and FPG was a blast.

These events happened against a backdrop of elder family medical issues which caused my husband and I to suddenly move home and office to be closer to his ailing parents.

Being involved in eldercare has given me yet another way to contemplate time as I consider the very-finite minutes in every human life.

Recently, I received an email asking me to clarify something I had previously written about using specific tarot cards to help speed up magick and make your intention happen more quickly.

Here’s the email I received:

Read your article on speeding up the results of a spell with either the Knight of Swords and the Eight of Wands in your spells. How would I use them? Do I place them under the candles, under or next to the focus of intent, etc.? Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

So often we tarot aficionados will speak about how we “use cards” in a spell – but rarely do we talk about precisely how we do that. I am excited that this email gives me an opportunity to explain some of the practical side of tarot magick.

I love that the question is specifically about using the cards to change the timing of something. As I mentioned, I am feeling of the scarcity of time right now. I want a “make time” spell, rather than a “speed up” spell!

The magick of time and timing, with or without tarot, is tricky. That’s because our experience of time is so subjective; so determined by perspective.  There is a certain quality of spiritual surrender associated with time as something over which we have very little control.

Time is a teacher. Sometimes things need to take the amount of time they take, and no force in the universe can change that. Sometimes it is easier to do magick to cultivate our own patience than it is to try to make something move before it’s ready to move.

However, there are situations where we need something quickly.  Our local botanicas are filled with oils to help bring “fast money” or “swift justice”.

As the email I received mentioned, my favorite cards for swiftness are the Eight of Wands and the Knight of Swords. Predictively, in a tarot reading, these cards can say that something will happen very soon. As advice, these cards kick us into immediate action.

In magick, these cards can add the adverb “quickly” to whatever our intention may be.

If you want to add the Eight of Wands and the Knight of Swords to manifest a spell more swiftly, or to release an energy more immediately, here are ways to incorporate those cards in your spellwork.


If you have an altar set up for your magickal work, you may simply place the cards on the altar along with your other magickal tools, like statues and candles.

When you place the cards on the altar, or at some other meaningful point in your work, acknowledge the cards by speaking their name, and your intention for them. You can be as simple or as poetic as you would like.

For instance:

“With the Eight of Wands I bring swift results.”


“Let the Knight of Swords fly quickly to bring the results I desire”.

If you do not have a tarot deck with you, or do not want to remove a card from your divining deck for magick, you may print out the images, or even write the name of the cards on a piece of paper and use that instead.

If you are not working with an altar, you may simply hold the cards in your hand. You can focus your eyes on them as you state your intention for them.

It’s important to remember that speed is not the focus of your spell; it’s not what you want to create, it’s the way you want your creation to move.

Are there magickal workings we can do to slow things down, or to create time in some way? I would be nervous to do such a thing lightly – so often time is created when we lose something that we value, like a job or a relationship.

Rather, if more time is what we want, we may need to do magickal work for balance, and for the rational ability to prioritize and delegate.

In a case such as this, time really does become the subject of the spell, rather than an adjunct, or adverb, to it.

When we are asking for “more time” what we are really asking for is peace, patience, reason and balance. There are many cards that carry those energies for me. My favorites are The High Priestess, the Hermit, Temperance and the Two of Swords.

To create a “more time” spell, you might arrange these cards on your altar while burning appropriate candles. Just as we did with the speedy cards, acknowledge each card by name and intent. Visualize yourself living a more balanced life as you think about the cards, and the energies you are invoking.

Since these cards represent what you are actually working to manifest, you might choose to meditate with one or many of them by focusing on the card, and putting yourself in the scene of the card. Perhaps you become the High Priestess and embody her wisdom. Perhaps you climb the snowy mountain to have a conversation with the Hermit.

You can strengthen your manifestation by holding each card to your chakras, and breathing the energy of the card in.

I tend to hold cards to my heart, my solar plexus, my throat and my brow.  (Truly, I have contemplated making “tarot card underwear” to make it easy to hold an image like the Ace of Pentacles to the root chakra for grounding.)

There is an intuitive energy that can happen when you do tarot magick. You may simply feel that you want to place a card near a candle on the altar, or near a statue, or in the center. When you work with tarot in any capacity it is important to let intuition guide you.

Now that I’m settled in my new digs (which the Ten of Pentacles helped me manifest) I’ll be posting here more frequently. If you have questions about how to use tarot in magick, please send me an email!

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Ghostbusters Magick http://witchesandpagans.com/pagan-paths-blogs/exoteric-magick/ghostbusters-magick.html http://witchesandpagans.com/pagan-paths-blogs/exoteric-magick/ghostbusters-magick.html

A few weeks ago I, and a lot of other people, saw the new Ghostbusters movie.  As a child of the 80s I was a wee bit skeptical at first but ended up loving it.  To quote one of my dearest friends, “I didn’t know women wielding proton packs was what was missing from my life.”  Of course me being me, my first thought coming out of the movie was that I just have to work with these characters in my magick - they’re just too awesome not to.  Let’s take a look at the four main characters and explore some of the many ways they can be worked with in pop culture magick.

***spoiler alert - this post will contain spoilers for the new Ghostbusters movie***

Erin Gilbert

Erin is a mainstream academic with a thirst to prove herself, to gain acceptance, and have her work and value acknowledged by those around her.  As a professor, Erin would be an excellent ally to call on for matters of scholarship (study, exams, learning, etc.) as well as navigating bureaucracy (there are few establishments as political and overwrought as higher education) .  Her struggle for recognition also makes her an excellent ally in workings designed to help one gain legitimacy, to be valued for your work, and to overcome obstacles.  I would argue that Erin would also be extremely helpful in workings of self-acceptance and self-esteem.  Throughout the movie Erin struggles with the conflict between being what’s expected of her and what she truly is.  She progresses from hiding her thoughts and values in order to be accepted by the establishment to expressing her true beliefs and taking the risk of really standing up for herself.  Though she can be a little timid at times, Erin is an excellent ally for anyone who has to work in mainstream culture.

Abby Yates

Abby is a significantly less mainstream academic who is willing to take risks and buck authority in order to achieve her goals.  She is bold, passionate, and unapologetic in her approach to life while also being a fiercely loyal friend.  Abby is a fantastic ally for any work that involves going around authority or otherwise subverting the establishment.  She can also be called upon for help standing up for oneself and holding onto the courage of your convictions in the face of adversity.  An unapologetic approach and unhesitant embracing of her own weirdness also make her a good ally in workings of self-esteem and empowerment.  The strong commitment she shows both in pursuit of following her dreams and in support of her friends makes her an asset for workings of endurance, loyalty, and determination.  Abby isn’t afraid to take risks, which can cause problems when caution is needed.  Call on her wisely.

Patty Tolan

Patty is a municipal historian, blue collar worker, and possibly the human embodiment of common sense.  Where many of the other ghostbusters live in a world of theory and academics, Patty’s feet are firmly grounded in the practicalities of everyday life.  Patty is an ideal ally in matters of practical problem solving, creative resource acquisition, and working with people.  Her practicality and resourcefulness also make her an excellent ally in matters of project planning, divining hidden difficulties, and general preparedness.  Her grounding and connections to place also make her helpful as an intermediary in workings to bond with the spirit of place for a given locale.  Her courage and willingness to try new things are well tempered by common sense, making her a very wise helper in determining whether to take a given risk.  Patty may not be as flash as some of the others, but she is the rock that can help you with everyday life.

Jillian Holtzmann

Jillian is the mad scientist of this bunch.  She’s a brilliant combination of Marie Curie, Tony Stark, and Victor Frankenstein; a fearless scientist,  a brilliant engineer, and a mad genius with little respect for safety or the laws of nature.  Jillian is an excellent ally in workings for inspiration, creation, anything involving the manipulation of science or technology, as well as workings to bend the laws of physics.  Where Abby is unafraid to go around authority or bend the rules, Jillian acts as if authority and rules are utterly meaningless and simply does as her brilliant mind tells her.  Call on her when there are no f**ks to be given.  Keep in mind that, while totally awesome, this blindness to caution or safety does make her a bit dangerous and more than bit reckless.

These new ghostbusters are an amazing group of kick-ass women that are a welcome addition to the many pop culture entities that can be called upon.  As a group, the new ghostbusters would be particularly helpful in workings for courage, friendship, loyalty, standing up to scrutiny, and (of course) defense against the paranormal.  I personally expect to work with each one of these fabulous ladies in the coming days and I utterly look forward to getting to know them better.


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Magic and Spells with the Witches Tarot http://witchesandpagans.com/sagewoman-blogs/magic-and-spells-with-the-witches-tarot.html http://witchesandpagans.com/sagewoman-blogs/magic-and-spells-with-the-witches-tarot.html

Ellen Dugan's Witches Tarot has become my go to deck and that is a special privilege in my deck collection. I wasn't sure anything could top the connection I made with my Steampunk deck but then the Witches Tarot called to me in a dream (I kid you not) and now it is the deck at the top of my pile. This is a deck I flirted with for awhile before it showed up in my dream. I made googly eyes at it on Amazon and even drooled over the images on facebook but I had not committed to buying it.

Then it happened, it came to me in my dream time. Yes this deck is that powerful, it will communicate to you while you sleep. I dreamed of the cards and each one spoke to me, literally, it was a dream what can I say! The images imprinted themselves on my mind so when I work up I had no choice but to ring my local Pagan Store, Well of the Moon and ask them if they had the Witches Tarot in stock. Of course they did, right!

So now I had the physical deck in my hands, not a dream deck, not a virtual deck a real printed deck and boy oh boy was it vibrating. The energy that was radiating off this deck was so intense and I had not even taken it out of the box yet. The reveal of a deck for me is a scared thing, the way I take it out of the box, the way I pick up the cards, flip through the book and slowly and carefully look through each of the cards. And the reveal of this deck was extra special.

This deck is based very heavily on the Rider-Waite style, which to be honest I really like in a deck as it means you can pick up pretty much any book on tarot to further your relationship with the cards, their meanings and their archetypal energies. There are a couple of name changes in the Major arcana to be mindful of

  • The Hierophant becomes the High Priest

  • The Wheel of Fortune becomes The Wheel of the Year

  • The Devil becomes The Shadow Side

  • Judgment becomes Karma


The Royals are standard King, Queen, Page and Knight and there is nothing funky about the Minor suits they are Pentacles, Wands, Swords and Cups. As I said this is a very easy to read Rider-Waite deck. In this particular deck my favorite suit has to be the wands, those huge hawthorn blossom wands are powerful, strong, sturdy creative yet gentle. It is interesting to note that not all the wands have blossoms some are bare and some just have the start of young green growth.

The companion book is very well written my only beef is that the author spends too much time describing the card image. I would have liked to have seen more on the messages and more spells at the back of the book. For me the magical aspect of this deck is what makes it so unique. I mean this deck is created for magic, it vibrates magic so lets have more magic! But at the end of the day that is a very minor complaint about an otherwise invaluable deck in my collection.

Just in case you where wondering I did try some of the spells in the back of the book, but I found I had to modify them slightly for a more direct purpose. They are however a great place for beginner spell casters to start their practice with Tarot Magic. For the rest this deck is perfect for your spells so create away!

Here is one of my own spells written just for this deck

Wish Spell

I wish, I wish upon a star for the dream that sits inside my heart.

With the magicians help he waves his wand and commands that what is above shall be below.

With my own hands I craft this wish as the power of the eight of pentacles allows everything I touch to turn to gold.

The six of wands heralds triumph and success for this wish as Body, Mind and spirit all come together and celebrate with their 3 cups filled.

For joy, health, wealth and happiness shall be mine.

For the good of all and harm to none this wish through tarots magic is now done.

Cards you will need

  • the star

  • the magician

  • 8 of pentacles

  • 6 of wands

  • 3 of cups

Place cards on your alter in the order listed above. Sprinkle green incense powder over a beeswax tea light. On your alter have a small dish of water and some coins, if possible open a window while you cast the spell. See your wish as if it is already manifest, place your hands in a prayer position and make sure your thumps touch the heart center as you connect your third eye and heart chakra energy. Now that you have tapped into your wish light your candle and begin speaking your spell out loud. Leave everything on your alter until the candle has burnt out. Then put your cards away and clean your alter with sage spray.

P.S If you would like to know more about Ellen and her work check out her site at http://ellendugan.com/


* 78 card deck and companion book, published by Llewellyn World Wide

* This deck is good for beginner to advanced.


* Good medium semi gloss card stock. Easy to shuffle, does not stick together.

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A Spell of Release http://witchesandpagans.com/sagewoman-blogs/a-spell-of-release.html http://witchesandpagans.com/sagewoman-blogs/a-spell-of-release.html  

To be performed during the Waning Moon

a1sx2_Original1_release-3.jpgYou will need:

Bowl of water
Fresh Sage Leaves
Sprigs of fresh rosemary.
Cleansing/purifying stones like selenite, kyanite, clear quartz, tourmaline, amethyst, or whatever works for you.
Optional: cleansing herbs to add to the water. I used fresh hyssop flowers and calendula petals.

Place a bowl of clear water on the altar. Place your stones around the bowl, touching the bowl as much as possible. Place salt, rosemary sprig and sage leaves close to bowl.

Cast the circle in your usual way.

Sit comfortably in front of the bowl of water.

Hold fresh sage leaves between your hands and think of what you need to release. This could be illness, or it could be the self-destructive behaviors that you wish to let go. Feel the fresh sage pulling these energies from your body to be cleansed. You might feel the sage leaves grow hot between your palms.


Drop the sage leaves into the water. Tell yourself you are releasing _______. Feel it dropping into the water.

Add a pinch of salt and purifying herbs (if you're using them) to the water. Use the rosemary twig to stir the water widdershins/counterclockwise: visualize _________ being dissolved, and the energy being cleansed and transformed by the salt water, herbs and stones.


Smudge yourself, again focusing on cleansing/healing. Consider what you will do with the strength and energy that will be freed up by your spell. Consider what you will be able to give back to the world in gratitude for being healed. Make a promise to yourself and any gods or spirits you work with that you will use your revived health and energy in positive ways.

When you are finished, pour out the purified water onto the ground. If you're performing your ceremony indoors, you can wait until after the circle is cleared to take the bowl of water outside.

A few notes:

If you are ill, please don't use magic as a substitute for competent medical or psychological care. Do the spell, but also see a medical professional and follow his or her advice. Magic works best when we do our part.

Dried rosemary and sage will work if it's all you have, but fresh really is best for this spell. You can usually find small packages of fresh sage and rosemary in the produce section at the grocery store if you don't have access to a garden.

This spell can easily be used in a group ceremony. All participants can focus on releasing into the sage leaves at the same time: then have each participant drop their leaves into the bowl and stir the water widdershins a few times with the rosemary. Allow each participant to decide whether or not she wishes to speak about what she is releasing.

There are times when pouring out your water outdoors isn't possible. As long as you maintain the focus of your intention, and pour the water out with respectful purpose, you could pour it down the drain at the end of the spell.


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Magic vs. Patriarchial Terrorists http://witchesandpagans.com/pagan-culture-blogs/magic-vs-patriarchial-terrorists.html http://witchesandpagans.com/pagan-culture-blogs/magic-vs-patriarchial-terrorists.html You can read my recent list of spell suggestions for the hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls captured by Patriarchial terrorists over at my blog:  http://hecatedemeter.wordpress.com/2014/05/07/fucking-patriarchy/#comments 

Please feel free to add your own suggested rituals, spells, and magic workings in comments.

We're Witches.  We should do something about this.

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Weighing Words: Balancing Spellwork for the Spring Equinox http://witchesandpagans.com/pagan-culture-blogs/broomstix/weighing-words-balancing-spellwork-for-the-spring-equinox.html http://witchesandpagans.com/pagan-culture-blogs/broomstix/weighing-words-balancing-spellwork-for-the-spring-equinox.html We've arrived at the Spring Equinox again, which means its time to strike a balance. Use your Book of Shadows to develop and track this magical work.

Weigh Your Words. Four months have passed since Samhain, the new year, where you probably planned all sorts of wonderful changes for yourself. Draw a scale on a clean page in your Book of Shadows. One one side, write or draw all the things you've managed to accomplish since Samhain. On the other side, write or draw those things that are still in progress or waiting to happen. Look at both sides of the scale. Which side is heavier? Of the things you still have to do, are there any that you found difficult? What did you do when you were faced with that challenge? Did you put it off, or try and succeed? Or fail? How did you feel about that? Maybe you're in the midst of a task right now--how is that coming along? What about your accomplishments? Even if that side of the scale has less on it, perhaps those things took a great deal of work. Think about it and write down your feelings.


Cup of Wonder. Creating a touchstone--or in this case, touchstones--will help you regain balance as the seasons change. Wash a chalice or cup and three small crystals with salt water to purify them. Crystals can be purchased, but if you can't do that, then find three white stones that remind you of the full moon. Fill the cup with water and place it outside where it will catch the light (and the energy) of the moon. Leave it out until at least noon the next day so that it will also capture the sun's light and energy. Remove the stones and rinse them with plain water and pat them dry. Your touchstones now have the power of equal day and equal night. Carry them for balance, enlightenment and growing strength--but first, it's time to get even!


A Balancing Act. Add some action to your spell by turning yourself into a scale: Hold your stones in your left hand and close your eyes. Slowly extend your arms out from your sides and open your palms being careful not to drop your stones. Picture your empty hand filled with the things you need to get done. In your mind, weigh your tasks against your touchstone, adding energy to the touchstone until you feel that both hands are carrying the same weight. Move your arms up and down as the weight is added to help you visualize. When both sides are even, your touchstone and energy will be in balance with what you want to accomplish.


Time Weights for No One. As the warm days of Spring dance merrily towards Summer, keep track of those tasks that have yet to be done. Do you still find yourself bumping a particular job to the back of the list? Why do you think that is? Do you feel that your moon-stones are helping you in any way? Why or why not? If you feel your touchstone could use a little boost, wait until the next full moon and work the magic again--then return to your Book of Shadows to keep tabs on your progress.

by Natalie Zaman

nataliezaman@gmail.com (Natalie Zaman) Culture Blogs Wed, 26 Mar 2014 08:25:09 -0700