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I am a big fan of television shows about psychic phenomena, unsolved mysteries, and paranormal explorations.  Beginning with “In Search of…” and “Unsolved Mysteries” in the 80s and 90s, more and more television shows have been dedicated to popularizing the paranormal and the puzzling.

While I am grateful that the “woo-woo” (i.e. all things psychic, metaphysical, paranormal, or strange) is receiving greater mainstream acceptance, I am also concerned that many of these paranormal investigators appear to know little or nothing about the subject they are attempting to document. 

As a practicing psychic and student of such things for over 50 years, I am often alarmed at the practices that some of these televised investigators employ.  Perhaps the most egregious show is “Ghost Adventure with Zak Bagans and company.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Zak—I think he is smart and brave and shows good reasoning skills with his attempts to debunk phenomena.  But. 

Zak seems to operate primarily from a Christianized perspective of paranormal phenomena, often referring to pagan practices as “demonic” or even “Satanic.”  This perpetuation of unfounded Christian-based stereotypes is harmful in the long run to the pagan community. 


In addition, the practice of “provoking” is hardly ever a good idea.  Provoking spiritual entities you know nothing about can bring about grave consequences—psychic attacks, possession, physical attacks, illness, and lingering after-effects such as emotional and psychic disturbances like nightmares, as Zach often mentions in his television series.

I want very much to give these guys a broader education on spiritual beings—ghosts, poltergeists, elementals, faeries, elves, sprites, etc.  It seems nobody has done any reading about so-called mythological creatures who may or may not be the source of paranormal phenomena.  Are there demons?  Possibly.  I do know there are spiritual entities who feed on negative human emotions like fear and anger—and entities who can cause these feelings as well.  But if we are to truly do scientific investigations, we must refrain from framing these beings within the limited constructs based on the western world’s Christian paradigm. 

Today, for example, I watched a “Ghost Adventures” episode where they are investigating a mine.  They refer to “tommyknockers”—creatures who live in the earth and often knock before appearing (or misbehaving). What they haven’t considered is that these beings may be what have also been referred to as dwarves—known for mining and living deep in the earth. 

Another complaint I have is that so many shows rely on visiting the “most haunted” places.  While interesting, these allegedly intensely haunted locations are usually well-known and have been “investigated” many times.  I have never heard one paranormal show host suggest that these haunted places may be created by or at least further empowered by the collective belief that they ARE haunted.

How any instances of paranormal phenomena are human-caused?  We are capable of manifesting, whether consciously or subconsciously.  Much poltergeist phenomena, for instance, is caused by a particularly powerful or sensitive person who has sublimated their emotions.  This often occurs around adolescent females.  I have done paranormal investigations where there are no external entities at all, or the person living in the house is a natural medium and uneducated about such things, leading them to think they are being “haunted.”

Many paranormal investigators also seem to know little or nothing about psychic self-defense and protection.  Sage, white candles, salt, and other things can create a powerful circle of protection around the investigators.  I think every team should have an experienced psychic/medium who can perceive things beyond the physical senses, and receive information that may not be available to others on the team.  A good psychic can offer both protection and insight, being able to warn the team if danger is near, or explaining something that might otherwise be misunderstood or misconstrued.

An angry ghost of a human being can often seem like a demon.  But if you refuse to immediately jump to that conclusion, and employ a psychic or intuitive, you may well learn that the entity is not demonic, just a very confused, angry, or mentally ill human soul who has not been able to move on after death.

I would like to see more shows like the “Dead Files” where the investigations are aimed at helping ordinary people experiencing extraordinary phenomena.  Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan do a thorough investigation—Steve as a former homicide detective and Amy as the psychic medium—and then make recommendations to the living people as to how to cleanse their home, or help spirits move on or at least be at peace.  This seems to me to be imminently practical and demonstrates kindness and an effective understanding of our interactions with the spirit world.

Paranormal investigators also need to develop their own spiritual gifts before embarking on investigations.  Psychic self-defense should be required training.  Shamanic journeying or other means of connecting with their spiritual guides and guardians should be required.  While it makes for good television ratings when investigators get scared and followed and haunted, it is not a good idea for the investigators to experience this.  And it encourages the uninitiated, the inexperienced viewer to venture into areas where they can be hurt, injured, possessed, caused to commit crimes, etc.

As a psychic, I know that you need your team.  Your spiritual team—those unseen guardians who know far more than we do about such things and can act as guides and protectors for us.  Shows that exist solely to create fear and horror do us no service. 

Most paranormal activity is harmless.  Most ghosts are people who are stuck, unable to move into the Light.  They usually just need to be talked to and pointed in the right direction.  Your spirit team can help tremendously with that and a skilled psychic can help with that.

Another thing investigators should keep in mind is that there are simply places where humans don’t belong.  Like dangerous rapids in a river or volcanic places that exude poisonous gases, some places should simply not be inhabited by human beings.  Native peoples often know where those places are, and we would do well to research native lore about a location before investigating.  By that same token, native peoples know the spiritually blessed places, the sacred places, the healing places.  Both the dangerous and the sacred need to be protected.  One to protect people from dangerous influences; the other to protect the sacred from people. Let us encourage the employment of these investigations toward building understanding and dispelling fear and sensationalism.

There is much we know about the paranormal world—especially those of us in the pagan community.  But the body of scientific evidence needs to learn more and understand further.  They could learn a lot by establishing a healthier dialogue with the pagan and psychic community.


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Spotlight On: Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper b2ap3_thumbnail_ellie-jordan.jpg

Title: Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper

Author/Publisher: JL Bryan

Pages: 220 pp

Price: $8.99 (paperback) / $0.00 (ebook)

Savannah is a haunted city. Whether the ghosts are simply telekinetic tricksters or dangerous, violent poltergeists, there is only one organization which can help: Eckhart Investigations. One retired police officer, now confined to a wheelchair (Eckhart); one traumatized skeptic with a solid background in science and engineering (Ellie); and one bubbly trust fund baby with a tendency to get in over her head (Stacey). Add one psychic who can't tune out the dead all around us (Jacob), and the team is complete. 

Good thing, too, because their latest case is a doozy. The long abandoned Marsh mansion is being converted into a bed-and-breakfast. Unfortunately, the ghosts who live there have other ideas. When one particularly angry spirit begins to haunt the family's young daughter, Ellie and Stacey set out to capture and dispose of her. They succeed ... and then things get really bad ....

I downloaded Ellie Jordan after it was recommended by Jordan L Hawk, one of my favorite paranormal romance/urban fantasy authors. It was free, so I figured why not? I admit that I did not expect much going in. I was just looking for some quick, light entertainment.

I had not expected Ellie Jordan to be quite so much fun. Think of the book (and the series as a whole) as sort of a mash-up of Ghostbusters and Buffy: no vampires or werewolves, but the ghosts are plenty nasty, and it takes real girl power to bring them down.

The characters are incredibly engaging. Too often in urban fantasy stories, the badass female protagonist is so badass that she is completely unlikeable and completely unrelateable. Ellie does not have that problem. She is a deeply sympathetic protagonist, with a tragic past, and the gumption to make sure that no one else has to go through what she did. She is backed up by the adventuresome Stacey: bubbly at first, she matures as she begins to understand just how dangerous it can be to work as a ghost trapper. Then there are old Eckhart, still trying to protect Ellie as he has since she was a child; and poor Jacob, one of only a handful of survivors of a plane crash who is now constantly haunted by the dead.

Speaking of the dead ... creepy. Very creepy. We're not talking about the ghost of your grandmother trying to tell you where she hid the recipe for her famous apple cobbler. No, we're talking the deranged spirit of a heroin addict with needles sticking out of him in all directions; a hollow-eyed prostitute still seeking justice for a murdered friend; the mad spirits of patients tortured at an insane asylum; and so many more.

While Ellie Jordan is not explicitly Pagan or polytheist (I would classify it as vaguely generic Christian), it does include many elements which will appeal to such an audience: namely, everything above. Plus, some cool rituals, some cool gadgets, and some cool cemeteries.

Check out the first book, then go download the rest. Then spread the word. 


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Good Witch vs. Bad Witch: Spooks

I have a spirit in my bedroom and I have recorded him once on my voice recorder playing with the voice recorder and then he said "oops" and I feel him in my room and I believe he has been shutting the voice recorder off at night as I have it on a setting that it only records if it hears a voice or noise. I go to bed fine but when I wake up I have bruises all over my legs and I don't know  what to do. I don't want to send him away without knowing who he is but he won't tell me. And I wake up with some really bad bruises. What can I do?

Spooked in Seattle

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The Lemuria: Folk Magic and Ghosts in Ancient Rome

One of the reasons I was so deeply attracted to Religio Romana was the attention that is given to the Dead and the Ancestors. In February, the end of the traditional Roman religious year, the month is spent paying our dues to those powers higher than us that perhaps we've neglected either knowingly or unknowingly. This shows up with the observation of the Parentalia and the Feralia within it, both to recognize the Lares, the God/Spirits of our more spiritually-developed Ancestors and Heroes, and the Manes, the Spirits of our Beloved Dead and, in my personal tradition, the Spirits of the Unclaimed Dead.

The month of May, a month of purification and possibly named after the Maiores (Ancestors), also has an ancient festival in it focusing on the Dead. But this time it is not for the Manes, the “good” Dead, those who had been given proper rites in burial and were offered cultus by their families, but the Lemures, the angry, restless Dead.

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In The World Or Of It - Review of Ghost Tarot

If you have been following my posts you will know that back in July I posted my birthday wish list of new and upcoming decks. This weeks review deck was on that list.

Ghost Tarot by Davide Corsi is published by Lo Scarabeo, which means there is only a little white book with this deck. Normally I am not a fan of the little white books but, to be honest, this time I am grateful that there is little to know comment from the deck creator on how to interpret the stunning images on these cards.

There is an ambiguity about this deck that a back story commentary would ruin. Well in my opinion anyway. You see it is hard to tell which role the ghosts in this deck play. Are they merely residual imprints of someones long forgotten past, as indicated by the court cards. Or are these ghosts engaging in and with their environments as seen in the 3 of swords. Or, are these ghosts merely memories, trapped in a cycle of repetition doomed to play out the same story for as long as there attachments tell it, as illustrated in the 6 of pentacles.

This ambiguity really opens up the question, are we of the earth, part and parcel of its construct or merely in it like actors on a stage?

"Truly the universe is full of ghosts, not sheeted churchyard spectres, but the inextinguishable elements of individual life, which having once been, can never die, though they blend and change, and change again for ever.”
H. Rider Haggard, King Solomon's Mines

The multiple interpretations of the ghosts themselves adds such a rich layer to all readings done with this deck. Even if you are only a 'pull a card for the day' type reader. For with each card certain new questions can be asked, such as, is this situation a repeat of past energy? Is this all just an imprint and not a factual experience? Are you truly engaged in this energy or merely a spectator? It really all depends on how you interpret the "showing up" aspect of the ghost on the cards you draw.

Being a deck about ghosts and the possible past lives they have lived you could keep this deck as part of your mediumship toolkit. Or maybe even explore pressing past life energy with yourself or reading clients. This would also make a fabulous deck for halloween parties. Personally i like it for sheer self exploration, its ambiguous depths entice me and elude to more. I like that in a deck of tarot cards.

Although I am sure a beginner could pick up this deck if they were strongly called to it, but i recommend this deck for intermediate to advanced readers. There are just more places you can go with these cards if you already have knowledge and expertise in tarot itself.

All in all this is a stunning deck, it card stock is good, it fits well in ones hands and spreads like butter! This deck deserves its 4.5 star rating.

Want more tarot post, tarot spells or even a reading? Visit my site

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I’ve often wondered about portals. Most of what I’ve read talks about places being portals. Yet what about people? Is it possible for a person to be a portal or just to be some type of attracting mechanism for spirits?

All my life I’ve experienced spirits, no matter where I lived. There was a time when this experience seemed to leave my life, but I think it was more because I was focusing and preoccupied by other events in my life.

I grew up in a very small town in NW Pennsylvania. The house we lived in had two rooms in the upstairs and a smallish attic place. When you walked up the stairs , the two rooms were on the left and the attic was a small room with a low ceiling on the right that was situated over part of the kitchen. I hated that space, there was something dark and scary there.

We lived in that house from the time I was about 6 months old until I was almost 11. I usually had the smaller bedroom in the back of the house. It wasn’t a bad place, had a window on the back wall that overlooked our back yard and a small closet. I did not like the closet. Something dark lived in there as well.

What really spooked me about that room was some nights I would go to bed and sometime during the night while I was sleeping, the window would disappear and a long hallway would appear out that window. It was nicely lit, not too bright and not too dim. There were many doors down that hallway. I would walk down that hallway and open a door. There would be children living there. I knew they were spirits, and they all seemed to be grumpy or gloomy. It made me sad to see them in the rooms. They didn’t seem to be able to leave the rooms, it seemed they were stuck there like in some type of limbo. I can remember one little boy sobbing for his mom. I didn’t like that hallway, I always wished that it would disappear. Once in a while at the end of the hallway there would be a bright light. Then, the next time the hallway would appear, there may be different kids in the rooms.

When my parents would switch rooms with me and put me in the front room, I would dream that there was another city of kids of sorts under the front sidewalk. While I would visit there, one of my favorite places, the kids would be running and playing and riding bikes. I felt welcomed there, the kids were happy. I knew that we were under the ground and I could see the ground around us, but if I looked up, I could see the underside of the sidewalk.

I often wondered why the kids “down below” were happier than the kids “up above”. Growing up Lutheran I thought that it should be opposite. Although the “up above” hallway seemed unsafe, unsecure, lonely. The “down below” city seemed warm and kind, safe and secure.

We moved when I was in the fifth grade, I was 10, almost 11. I missed those places, even the “up above” hallway. I worried about the kids, hoped that they all passed through the light at the end of the hallway. It didn’t hit me until later when I thought about the amount of kids that I remember seeing. Some I can still remember what they looked like and what they sounded like.

In the new house, these visions/visitations, what ever you may call them, seemed to stop. One day, sometime in 1984 a young boy, whose family went to our church and were good friends of ours, died. It was a very sad moment for me for I had never personally known anyone younger than me to die.

Four years later I was living alone in Baltimore, Maryland. It had been quiet for me, no visitations. I had met who is now my ex husband. A fine young specimen of a southern gentleman, or so I thought. I had to keep any visions at bay. Never telling him of what I see or feel. He grew up a Jehovah’s Witness, although he no longer practiced that religion, I thought that he had moved on. Slowly over the next few years I would notice this was not completely true.

One night we were sleeping, and I went into one of the most vivid dreams. Having smothered these visions, this one shook me hard. I dreamt that I was back at my home church in my home town. I was in the narthex, there were a bunch of relatives and friends there. A lot of them had been dead. One of my grandmothers, who had passed on, came up to me and hugged me. She told me that I looked absolutely beautiful. I felt as though I was floating. Not really suppose to be there, but not really wanting to leave. My mother had tears in her eyes. They started talking about me getting married. A strange feeling came over me. A feeling of elation, yet wonder. How did this happen? I asked who I was to be married to, as I remember just getting married to the southern gentleman (who now abused me). They said “Gary,” and I realized as they looked in his direction who they meant. I turned and saw him for the first time in so many years. He was so healthy and beautiful. I started gasping and things became foggy. Then I was on a bridge. I didn’t know which way to go. I heard my father’s mother call to me. She and I use to be close, but she had passed right before I had decided to move to Baltimore. She understood me, she understood my visions, and I could talk to her. The other thing, she was one of the only ones who was not at the church in my vision.

I walked towards her. She was so pretty and had such a glow to her. She asked me if I was ready. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about but instinctively I told her no. She told me that she knew that already and that I wasn’t ready, and it was time for me to go back. When she said the word “back” pain and light hit me. I woke to another slap in the face and my ex getting ready to slap me again. I yelled at him and he stopped. He told me that for some reason I had jut stopped breathing for about five minutes (of course, time could be off because of his fear). I didn’t tell him what I had seen, I just told him that I wasn’t sure what had happened.

From that moment on, I started having more visitors. There was the guy who had committed suicide in the storm water management pond behind our complex, there was the mysterious person by our train stop. Some months were worse than others. And as my ex’s controlling nature grew, so did the way I could feel when his anger would escalate.

We had finally started to separate and I met and fell madly in love with my now husband. For a while, the visions continued. I described his dead grandfather who had lived in his house for a time without ever seeing a picture of him. I described visions of when he would drive his 1970 GTO down certain roads when certain songs would be on. I felt everything, I could talk to him about everything, I felt open and free.

Then kids started to come along and these visions faded. Once in a while someone would pop through and I would talk to them.

And then he broke my trust and I stopped trusting in my feelings, my visions, myself. I closed down, shut everything off. Slowly, he regained what I would let him. Slowly I tried to trust in myself.

We moved to my father’s mother’s house, which my husband bought as a present for me. I am grounded here, although I am in a tunnel where I have a hard time finding those that have the same openness of mind as I do. At times I feel smothered. But when I relax and am free to be here and let my soul free, the visions come back. Now mostly while I’m in the shower or in the kitchen.

At times while in the kitchen I see a small boy in my back yard. He’s maybe 8 or 9 years old. Dressed back in the early 1900’s style clothing. White or cream colored shorts and shirt with a large collar. He just stands in the middle of the yard and looks at the house. Other times I will let the dog out or go out the side of my house and see the lady who use to live in the house next door. Although my father had torn the house down many years ago, I can still see her in her kitchen working.

But the shower, that’s the magical place. The picture I posted is one of two that I had one day, and had the wits about me to take a picture of the two visitors. One picture was of a young girl. Seemingly of wealthy status because the lady behind her had an air of a governess of sorts.

These pictures are of people, animals, birds, places, elementals and even some other worldly looking creatures or gods. I don’t always have time to take a picture to document. And it doesn’t happen every day. I suds up my scrunchy and take care of washing myself (not to be too personal) and sometimes when I turn towards the shower curtain, there is a picture. I try to feel what they are wanting to tell me or show me then I thank them for allowing me the opportunity to have a visit with them. By then the suds are slowly sliding down the curtain and they move on, almost as if on a continuous trip - moving on to the next.

Am I a portal of sorts or just a conduit?

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A Brief Guide to the Spirits Themselves So far I've been spending my time here setting the stage for introductory spirit work. But what about the spirits themselves? Who and what are these incorporeal beings that we're trying to communicate with in the first place? The answers to those questions, in complete, are much longer and more complex than I can cover in one article. So consider this a very brief and incomplete overview of some of the sorts of beings in the spirit world.

Ancestor Spirits: These are the spirits of humans who have passed away. Some people feel the ancestors still exist in this world with us, unseen but around us all the time. Others believe they inhabit their own afterlife-world, but can be called on for advice or help in times of need. Depending on who you talk to, any family member, friend, or other important person in your life can be considered an ancestor—in fact, since we are all of the same species we all share ancestors. Others are more strict, keeping it specifically to one's own immediate family and direct predecessors. Ancestor spirits are generally seen as protective in nature, though they can be angered if not propitiated properly (and, not surprisingly, what is considered “proper” is not universal).

Nature Spirits: This is a fairly broad category, since it includes not just the spirits of animals, plants, and fungi, among other natural things, but also spirits which are more abstract representations of natural forces. For example, one of the main parts of my practice involves working with animal totems. These are not just individual animal spirits, such as a gray wolf or a least tern, but archetypal beings that embody all of the qualities of the species Gray Wolf and Least Tern. Some people also consider faeries and devas (often taken out of their original cultural contexts) to be nature spirits, though the fey are also often thought to have originally been ancestor spirits, and the New Age conception of devas has deviated quite a bit from its Buddhist and Hindu roots. (This, incidentally, is part of why mythology and other cultural materials need to be part of your spiritual research!)

Malignant Spirits: These get the most press in pop culture; “demons” and other “evil” beings are supposedly everywhere, trying to eat our eyeballs or steal our souls or otherwise wreak havoc. In my own experience they're a lot less common than thought, and as I mentioned in my last post there are ways to get them to go away posthaste. Often “evil” spirits are those which feel slighted and are trying to stop whatever's bothering or hurting them; for example, nature spirits whose homes are being destroyed may try to be destructive in turn on those responsible. (Even pop culture picks up on this, given the popularity of the “haunted building on top of an old Native American burial ground and populated by angry ghosts” trope in horror stories.)

Ghosts and Haunts: Opinions vary as to whether these are proper spirits or just the impressions of spirits that have moved on. These are often attached to a particular location, such as a house or road, and often display the same behavior and appearance over and over again. Connecting with these beings can be risky since such haunts are often created through traumatic deaths or those who died with great regrets, so working with them can open you up to a lot of spiritual angst, to say the very least! This is part of why ouija boards get such a bad reputation—a lot people try them out for the first time in a haunted place, and open themselves up to a flood of bad memories and emotions that have been locked into that location for many years. It's not the board that's to blame, though, but what they're being used to contact.

Servitors and Other Created Spirits: Some spirits seem to have come into being as various animals, plants, etc. evolved in this world. Others have elaborate origin myths attached to them, sometimes entwined with human stories. However, human magical practitioners have also been known to create spirits to help them. Known as servitors (among other names) these can be as simple as a spirit to carry out a single task, or as complex as a spirit (egregore) created by an entire working magical group to be a functional mascot or guide. These sometimes have set lifespans; others are essentially immortal and may outlive their creators.

“Unaligned” Spirits: Sometimes people come into contact with spirits that don't seem to be connected to any of the above groups, or to any particular other “flavor” of spirit. Sometimes all you have to go on is a name the spirit gives, and a quality it provides such as protection or healing. Sometimes they end up being servitors that gained enough independence to break free of their creators, or ancestors of families which died out. Other times they simply prefer to remain enigmatic and mostly anonymous, no matter their origins. While there are cases where malignant spirits pretend to be beneficial as a way to cause trouble, unaligned spirits shouldn't automatically be suspect.

Do be aware that opinions also vary widely as to how safe it is to work with various groups of spirits, how best to treat them, how formal one's spirit-related practices should be, etc. Since my specialty is in working with nature spirits, that's where the next few articles will focus, and they will be firmly planted in my own self-create practices. However, feel free to adapt the material in them to work with your own preferred spirits if you like, and do research beyond just my writings here to see how others work with these beings.

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