New Orleans relocates a major ritual for "religious reasons." Modern Heathens celebrate the Poetic Edda. And just how accurate are the myths native to your local community? That's right, we're back for Watery Wednesday, our weekly segment on news related to community issues within the Pagan community and similar or affiliated groups. All this and more for the Pagan News Beagle!

Does your community have any notable myths of legends attached to it? Have you ever wondered how accurate they are? Alley Valkyrie did and relates her own experience deconstruction the myth surrounding the Willamette Valley of Oregon's name.

Ever heard of the Many Gods West conference? Held in Olympia, the conference met earlier this year for workshops, rituals, and conversations about the Pagan community. If you're interested in learning more, Patheos has a detailed account here.

On August 21, the New Orleans HexFest festival will kick off with a ritual officiated by New Orleans' Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary. But it will not be, as previously intended, occur at the steamboat Natchez due to a late cancellation fueled by what many believe to be conservative Lousiana's persecution of Vodouisants and other groups outside of the state's religious mainstream.

The Morning Glory Zell Memorial Foundation's continued trials have been a topic of much concern within the Pagan community for some time now. discusses the Church of All Worlds and Foundation's attempts to find a new home for a collection of statuettes and figures formerly owned by Morning Glory Zell.

One of the most famed pieces of Norse literature is the Poetic Edda, a collection of Old Norse poems and myths that were compiled most notably in the Codex Regius during the 13th century. Today, the Poetic Edda compose a major portion of the foundation for Heathenism and have found a vital life within the tradition in both scripture and ritual. Grapevine has more details.

Top image by Alfonso Lomba