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Words to the Wise is a collection of stories, observations and insight drawn from my own experience both in the past and in the present, together with my perspective on what I may have learned in the process. Occasional poetry and astrological insights will be included when appropriate. I welcome comments, suggestions and thoughts of all kinds and am happy to respond.

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Tasha's Astro Planner for August 2017

Tasha's Astro Planner for August 2017

The most important aspect we have this month is the total eclipse of the Sun on August 21, with the New Moon and Sun in Leo, and as it happens also conjunct Mars in Leo. An eclipse is a powerful signal of change. One astrologer friend described it thus: The curtain comes down on one stage setting and when it rises there is a different setting on the stage. We can look for change depending on which house or section of our charts it takes place. Here are some hints.

 First house=personal, second=possessions, third=mind, communications, siblings; fourth=home, fifth=loved ones and children; sixth=work, daily life; seventh=partners and others; eighth =gifts, resources, unearned benefits; ninth=higher mind, travel, education; tenth=career, public persona, politics; eleventh=friends, hopes and wishes; twelfth=the unexpected, karma, and hidden agendas. If you know your chart this is a very abbreviated guide to what you might expect from this momentous aspect. Please understand, however that to me this eclipse causes nothing, it is merely a signal for what is happening. 


That said, there is also a retrograde Mercury in Virgo on the 12th to be dealt with. Be guided by the "re" principle: if it begins with re, it's appropriate to do. Examples: repair, restore, replay, review, replace, reapply, resupply, and so on. Unless necessary try not to begin any new projects or acquire any new machinery or electronics unless you are replacing old ones. Even then odd things can happen. Contracts or agreements need careful review before being signed; important communications need that too. Once again, the house this aspect falls in is the one where you will experience it most strongly.


Saturn, Neptune and Pluto all begin the month in retrograde motion, followed three days later by Uranus, then on the 12th, Mercury. The energy of this month may feel sluggish at times. Best to go with the flow, try and take it easy don't push and feel frustrated. There is a full Moon Lunar eclipse on the 7th when we may get a hint of what is to come in two weeks at the solar eclipse. Saturn turns stationary direct on the 25th and delayed projects can move forward. Venus is in caring Cancer until the 26th, Mercury is in organized Virgo all month until the 31st, when it backs into romantic Leo. Sun to moves practical Virgo on the 22nd.

 Days to be mindful are the 3rd : Uranus Stationary retrograde; the 4th: Jupiter square Pluto; the 12th: Mercury retrograde; the 15th: Venus opposing Pluto; the 24th: Venus square Uranus; the 25th: Saturn turns direct. Nothing too fierce or strenuous here to deal with except the eclipse. Propitious or potentially helpful days are the 10th: Mercury sextile Venus and sun sextile Jupiter; 11th: Venus trine Neptune; 13th: Sun trine Saturn; the 20th: Jupiter sextile Mars; 21st: Sun trine Uranus; 22nd: Mars trine Saturn; the 26th: Sun conjunct Mercury; the 27th: Jupiter sextile Saturn.  Look for opportunities with sextiles.

Tasha's Day by Day Planner for August 2017

 Tue. 8/1 Cheerful Sagittarius Moon begins the month with joy.

 Wed. 8/2 Generous Sagittarius Moon helps celebrate the harvest.

 Thu. 8/3 Athletic Sagittarius Moon makes for an active day. Uranus stationary Retrograde means expect the unexpected.

 Fri. 8/4 Diligent Capricorn Moon helps make meaningful activity.

 Sat. 8/5 Ambitious Capricorn Moon helps make big plans.

 Sun. 8/6 Fun loving Aquarius Moon makes for smiles throughout the day.

 Mon. 8/7 Friendly Aquarius Moon makes for enjoyment in good company. Lunar eclipse signifies a change to begin now. Make plans to benefit others.

 Tue. 8/8 Original thinking Aquarius Moon makes for inventive solutions, 5 PM Compassionate Pisces Moon says call a friend to cheer him or her up.

 Wed. 8/9 Kindly Pisces Moon suggests we do good deeds.  

 Thu. 8/10 Loving Pisces Moon helps spread good vibes.

 Fri. 8/11 Active Aries Moon helps get us up and moving. Venus/Neptune trine helps with music for spiritual experiences. 

 Sat. 8/12 Impetuous Aries Moon energy needs to be reined in, as Mercury turns retrograde for the next 3 weeks.

 Sun. 8/13 Earthy Taurus Moon says spend time gardening or polishing silver.


Mon. 8/14 Steady Taurus Moon says carry on with whatever tasks need doing.


Tue. 8/15 Musical Taurus Moon suggests harmonizing with others.


Wed. 8/16 Chatty Gemini Moon makes for a day of good communication. Venus/Jupiter square says be wary of excess spending or consumption.


Thu. 8/17 Gossipy Gemini Moon says telling tales is fun but speak well of others. 12 PM Kindly Cancer Moon says look out for the family.


Fri. 8/18 Hospitable Cancer Moon suggests plans to entertain friends and family.

 Sat. 8/19 Shy Cancer Moon energy might keep you working at home. 2 PM Fun loving Leo Moon could get you and about.

 Sun. 8/20 Romantic Leo Moon says spend time with loved ones. Sun/Uranus Trine might spark new ideas and solutions.

 Mon. 8/21 Creative Leo Moon hosts the potentially life changing eclipse, lingering Trine effects could enhance realizations. Venus/Pluto opposition may speed transformations. 4 PM Analytical Virgo Moon helps make sense of it all.

 Tue. 8/22 Organized Virgo Moon helps pick up the pieces and arrange them. Sun into Virgo ushers in diligence.

 Wed. 8/23 Particular Virgo Moon helps us proceed with perceptive care.

 Thu. 8/24 Gentle Libra Moon says seek out beauty. Venus/Uranus square could help bring unusual choices.

 Fri. 8/25 Artistic Libra Moon says practice your art. Saturn turns direct enhancing progress with structure and order.

 Sat. 8/26 Scientific Scorpio Moon helps find solutions to problems.

 Sun. 8/27 Passionate Scorpio Moon suggests a lovers tryst. Jupiter/Saturn sextile brings a potential for long term benefit.

 Mon. 8/28 Persistent Scorpio Moon helps us stick to tasks, 4 PM playful Sagittarius Moon says get out of doors.

 Tue. 8/29 Adventuresome Sagittarius Moon says plan a trip today.

 Wed. 8/30 Philosophical Sagittarius Moon helps us keep calm.

 Thu. 8/31 Hard working Capricorn Moon helps get things done. Mercury backs into Playful Leo for a return to thoughts of fun.

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Practical mystic and poet Tasha Halpert writes a column called Heartwings Love Notes for a Joyous Life, as well as a monthly astrology column for the internet. She writes a weekly perspective column for the Grafton News called Good Earthkeeping.  Her poems and essays have appeared in Quest Magazine, For the Love of Life, Heart and Wings, The Unicorn, and other publications. She is staff poet and storyteller for the Unicorn, and a regular part of Granny Moon’s Morning Feast. Her book Heartwings: Love Notes for a Joyous Life is available; She has another in preparation: Up to my Neck in Lemons, as well as a poetry chapbook: Poems and Prayers. With her writings she hopes to be of help and comfort and perhaps even entertaining.  With her husband Stephen she lives in Grafton and is the mother of 5, grandmother of 7, and great grandmother of 2.  


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