I am the blossom, I am the beemay-2017-124
I am the branch, I am the squirrel
I am the acorn, I am the oak
I am the breath, I am the words
I am the space, I am the fullness
I am the song of the May.

Happy Beltane to all! We brought in the May by the wild, flooded creek and river. I have never seen the water so high and intense! We offered our flower blessings to the churning, deep water, and sang together as we faced the wildly swirling torrents of water, accompanied by its music, awe-inspired at how quickly a landscape can change after several days of heavy rain.

May you know the warmth of sunshine and of smiles
May you celebrate friendship and solitude
May you open your arms to someone’s first step
May you cry well, laugh often, and feel much
May you feel the deep connection between past and futuremay-2017-157
And may you dwell in all the fullness of your days.

I also recorded a poem, Persephone’s Return from Patricia Monaghan’s Seasons of the Witch book. And, our free May Magic Kit is available here. Enjoy!

Over the weekend, I finished reading a book called Flat Rock Journal. It is by a man living in the Ozarks and I felt such a connection to his writing about this landscape that I, too, love so deeply. The author, Ken Carey, writes:

“I have tracked down many an idea in the card catalog of this moss; and in the shade of these trees, flipped through the leaves of many a sacred volume. In these forest passages the scriptures of nature can be read in their original versions, untranslated by religions, unedited, unabridged. This is the universe’s university. The voices of nature echo along its corridors, and in them are truths that have inspired the genius of every age. If you are still, you might catch firsthand in the rustle of leaves what Shakespeare caught as ‘Tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stone, and good in everything.'”

May you circle, celebrate, and sing and enjoy the infinite variety offered by the universe’s university. 


may-2017-161Our next Goddess Magic Circle begins May 5th and the Creative Spirit Circle is always open!