October 8.2018  - New Moon in Libra 

It is truly beautiful!
There is a certain aura
Of refinement and grace.

The craftsmanship is expertise
And one can tell that
Great skill and thought
Went into its creation.

You know, they say
That the finest of gold
Was used and each pan
Was polished and leveled

Its inner workings were
Calibrated to the most
Exact measure.

As I think on it and if, I pause
Too long on either extreme
Of matters the agility of my
Mind usually steps in to set
The course straight and bring
The tangential stream back
To center point.

Although, if I linger too long
In the comfort of my mental
Landscape that brings its own
Downpour of disequilibrium.

Yes, it is beautiful this state
Of affairs and the rarest and
Most refined of thought
Is poised and balanced
In its beauteous state of chaos

My justifiable grace is asway
On the luminescent and
Polished scales of mind’s
Elegantly created obelisk.

Today marks a New Moon in Libra and the call for finding the place of justice and balance in light of several recent events pulls me towards Ma'at and the role of order in chaos. Pushing back is the knowledge that when the world is at unjust, the backdraft agitates those places within myself that are out of balance, in dis-order and and need a restart of perspective judgment and will. Today, will support that re-start.

Astrologically, the energy of Libra is that of mind that is able to grasp the concept of beauty and refinement. This is not the beauty of visage, although Librans do appreciate the out-picturing of beautiful things; this quality is one that is the resultant creation of what will become the measure of alignment that fosters the harmony (neither positive, nor negative) of what would otherwise be discarded and overlooked. 

There is much I wish to control and change and leave the imprint of justice and right action upon. And, when I feel the lack of control, I turn to a mindset that is scrambling for mastery over something and gaining no productive momentum in anything. This chaotic state of disorder holds the scales of balance static and in the equilibrium, stasis takes hold as nothing generates the will and directive to stimulate change. 

You see, even within Chaos there is a certain order present. Not the regimented order that necessarily controls by binding and containing, but rather a structure that is held in the appearance of non-structure that we  envision of the "semantic" of chaos. With every cause there is an effect and with every effect, a new form of causation is created. Order and Chaos move in this universal dance and wherever one becomes dominant and outweighs in precisely the correct ration of vibration required to stimulate change, the other will fill the pans of the pans of the scale and gain its momentum.

This is the principle of Ma'at, as the Goddess, exacting Justice and whose feather determines the cycle of cause and effect in the transfiguration of the dead. It is also  Ma'at as the imminent concept of order that seeks balance that will stimulate and reconfigure the (necessary) chaos in a way that provides structure and grace, for the time needed until the scales shift and creation begins anew; precariously balanced at the onset and moving towards its eventual demise to create something new. 

So, practical application on this New Moon? Both Sun and Moon are in astrological Libra. Will and heart are seeking a mind that is able to be resilient and create a new blueprint of concepts that will serve to awaken me to seeing the truth and the illusion of what surrounds me and what I have held onto as old beliefs and ideas. 

Much like walking the tightrope, I will follow the line of Ma'at's outstretched wings; placing each step with mind-full intention. And, in seeking that balance within myself, I will be better able to stand my ground and do the work of Ma'st's justice with clarity of mind, a heart that is of truth and actions that reflect the beauty of and intelligence of a heart that waxes towards the light of fullness that is cloaked in the mantle of Aries' innocence and enthusiastic passion. 

 Blessings of this New Moon.....