The past few weeks have found me focused on a personal project of connecting to the lunar energies.  As a practicing witch I have worked with the lunar energies regularly for many years.  I have worked ritual, written poetry and offered up praise to Her in all of her phases.  So, it would seem that my connection is very deep already.  The beauty of this Path, however, is that there is always something more that can be learned.  Something new that can be experienced and a deeper level of knowing that can be brought into your work.  

I have been on a mission to fully experience the energies of the Moon in all of her cycles and through the lunation of travel through the Zodiacal Wheel.  Having a good working knowledge of astrology and planetary magick helps this journey, but the intent of connection to the phases of cycle is not dependent on it.  I am also an Air sun sign, so analysis comes more readily than the emotional and feeling nature.  This is precisely why I felt this work would be very productive. 

I know of the potential held in the newness of Maiden Moon, but do not always fill myself with the enthusiasm and joy of that growing energy.  I go through the (mechanical) routine of ritual and specified working to bring the successful start to the desired goal and fail at times to infuse its energy with the burgeoning spring of potential that the Maiden’s gift holds.  As we mature chronologically, we often forget what it was like to be just beginning our lives and adventures and the “nothing will hold me back” attitude that typifies youthful exuberance. Everything and anything is possible and change is just taking another road. In the simplicity of re-engaging the wonder of seeing with fresh eyes and new perspectives my working grows and seeks out what will encourage and support its maturation. 

The Full Moon brings to me the product of what has been nurtured and tenderly crafted.  The wonderlust of youth now stabilized and foundations anchored more fully. Just as the mother looks on with pride at the raising of her child to a place of maturity, I craft a working that will celebrate what was not so long ago simply the seed of the idea.   I light my candle in honor of Mother Moon and offer up gratitude for the blessings of its expansion and growth.  But, Mother Moon holds the quiet secret that all Mothers know.  The secret of when you must let go and allow what you have nurtured to take flight in its fullness and find its own way of being.  I want to cling tightly to the success of my working, but the tighter I hold the more constricted the energy becomes, smothered by misplaced emotion.  So, I am reminded to breathe into the sigh of what must be and the knowledge that the imprint of what has been created lives within me. 

The darkness crowds in as the Moon wanes and the yearning to see the brilliance of her light growing and showing the way for productive passage fills every fiber of my being.  I feel alone and abandoned by the face of She that I have seen come to glory.  I draw upon my courage and sit under the Dark Moon sky, seeking out the truth of what I must relinquish and offer to the hunger of the night.  I mourn what I have left behind and sit alone in the silence, the darkness moving deeper and deeper into what had been lit.   I breathe in deeply and sigh into the release of the last vestiges of what I held dear to me in the full blooming of my working.  I breathe deeper still and remember the promise of the Dark Goddess. The mystery that she holds in her womb of darkness and the potential for newness as the cycle begins once again.  I breathe deeper still and am within those birthing waters carried gently and cradled in the womb of Her making.   

I look up at blackened sky and see the future that soon will be brought forth as she reveals herself in her many and eternal phases. Clouds part, the Goddess opens her eyes and light shines through.  The floodgates of my heart open and waters of light fill the darkness.  Another of her great mysteries revealed and I am at peace with deeper understanding of Lady Moon’s gifts.  And, so the cycle begins anew; this time more deeply informed and with new or restructured and refined goals. 

At the next cycle of the Moon, take a deep breath and move deeper into the space of your own connection to Her mysteries.  It is as simple as opening yourself to the wonder and awe of the Maiden; the strength and fullness of the Mother or the surrender of release to the Crone.  Offer up the intent of feeling more, seeing more, and being more fully present in your own light.  Just breathe and know that you are never alone in the dark.

I sat alone in the dark
And the heaviness of
Its mantle cloaked my form.

I cried out in fear that I
Would be drawn down
Into the depths of my
Own dark waters of making.

Silence answered and spoke
My long ago name and bid
Me to step sure footed.

I rose from my place
Of hiding and the waters
Of my heart flowed as
Trust took hold.

I walked in the dark
And the truth of its
Nature cloaked my form.

I cried out in joy at
The peace I had found
And, the hand of the
Goddess gently moved
Across my illumined brow.