April 4th: Total Lunar Eclipse occurs at 14° Libra at 5:01 am PDT. As the Lunar light wanes recall the first gaze of love that shone upon you. In the dwelling place of the heart, raise joy for all you are.
Sandra Pastorius © Mother Tongue Ink 2014
*Eclipse visible in Asia, Australia, the Pacific and Americas


 Full Moonlight Riot

Oh moon, you don’t play fair.
Rising later and later each night like this,
and each night more unbelievably
full of light. Later and later I wait for you,
studying the undersides of leaves,
holding my breath, testing the strength of my will.
When in the dew and the depth of midnight
your other lovers float out from behind trees
and between shadows, I invite them to lounge at my side
in the wet grass and wait for you.
We wait for you together,
breathing mist, sipping the dark with our open eyes.  

Then you are here, lifting your shining brow 
above the wooded ridge,
enormous and brilliant and buoyant, 
floating up without effort,
and the forest and field fall silent
in a way that must be filled by our talk.
In your light we see that we are long-lost friends;
we remember our long journeys to get here
together and apart. For a moment we just look.
And then we are singing,
and holding each other in arms, imagining we’ve somehow
gone back to those nights before time
was invented, when joining like this in spirit,
in laughter, in dancing, was our way of honoring
that which lives in us
and that which gives the life.
The hours pass around us. Oh moon,
keep pouring your wine into this cup
in my hand, and I’ll be drunk for certain!

¤ Angela Gayan Galik 2013