Foxy Sunyata, Rainbow in the Void © Lindy Kehoe 2017 

The Mother Sun shines directly on the Equator again, and dances our day and night into balance. Since Summer Solstice, the hours of daylight have been greater than the hours from dusk to dawn. For the rest of the Wheel of the Year, the reverse holds true.

In this final harvest, we have finished old projects and dreams. Trees releasing their leaves show us how to let go. Before turning from summer and facing winter, we reflect on what we are reaping, especially as a human family. We actively seek and uphold that which is positive. 

The rhythm of the solar wheel suggests rest. We slow down to gently observe, absorb, and rejoice in Gaia. During the transition called autumn when we celebrate both bounty and impermanence, we reflect that Gaia too, is impermanent. How much time does She have? Yet She asks for trust, even given the alarms that surround us. We and the world flare in brief brilliance—and embrace the first footsteps of darkness. 

Susa Silvermarie © Mother Tongue Ink 2018
Found on p. 142 of 
 We'Moon 2019: Fanning the Flame

Lindy Kehoe (Gold Hill, OR) creates with the intention of painting portals of lucid dreaming, healing, and wonder. May all beings be free. 

Susa Silvermarie (Aijic, Mexico) I turned 70 in 2017 and began a new life as an immigrant to Mexico. I blog, I write for several local publications and I run a weekly Write-to-a-prompt circle as well as a Writers Salon. I enjoy volunteering with an art program for Mexican children, and I truly love my life on the Shore of Lake Chapala. Seeking local kindred spirits—come on down!