We'Moon 2018 La Luna!



Shapeshifter!    Magician of the Night.
Now we see you—Now we don't
Now we see you again
How astonished we were,
deep in the original eon
when humanity was a babe
and we first saw the darkness
gobble you up.
then saw you grow back—
over and over.
How can this be?
We bow down with awe,
reach to you in wonder.
Jezanna, Ixchel, Hina, Menos
We call you by innumerable names
Selene, Anahita, Neith, Mama Quilla
We worship you with terror and praise
Mother of Life and Death
Mother of Time
We scratch days on our calendar bones . . .
Lo! We bleed—just so—
as you dance    you mirror
steady is your rhythm
Magnet Mother
You pull our blood, you pull the Great Waters
capillaries and pools, eddies and plasma.
Dreams and hunches.  Madness, Illusion.
Changing Woman
you hold, you yield    flood and recede
befriend darkness, unveil soft light.
Born to walk your Moonwise path,
we trust
Your Revolution.
Blessed Be.


© Bethroot Gwynn 2015


Bethroot Gwynn (Myrtle Creek, OR) Marks her 22nd year as WeMoon's Special Editor and her 42nd at Fly Away Home women's land, where she grows food, theater and ritual. For more information about spiritual gatherings or working visits send a SASE to POB 593, Myrtle Creek, OR 97457

Ashely Josephine Foreman (Grass Valley, Ca) Primarily a painter, I've been working a lot in themes related to shamanism and the divine feminine. Combining intuition and technique, my focus is to create feeling-based representations of the cartography of healing, inspired from personal experience and inner vision.