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Third Wave Witchcraft explores the intersection of feminism, Witchcraft, Goddess Spirituality, and feminist activism. A place to explore how to make our spirituality more feminist, our feminism more spiritual, and our world more just.

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Weekly Goddess Inspiration: Hekate

Contrary to my usual pattern in the high, bright, Texas Springtime, I've found myself doing a lot of going within of late. I'm facing something of a transition in my career -- not necessarily out of my line of work and into a new one, but into a new relationship with what I do and also the launching of several new ventures. I've found myself simultaneously terrified and excited by the changes, and have been feeling a lot of internal changes and shifts as well.

Add in that I've been teaching an 8-week online intensive about the Chakras, with this last week focusing on the Sacral Chakra with all its powers of intuition, creativity, and finding personal power and passion, and it's been a time of really considering what makes me tick, what I need to feel stable and safe (thanks, Root Chakra!), and exploring my relationship with my intuition and ability to trust myself.

It was nice to get a little affirmation that I'm doing the work I need to be doing....


"Gather wisdom from deep sources"

Some questions I'll be working with this week, and which I encourage you to consider as well?

What is my soul asking me to do right now?

What does the still, quiet voice inside me say?

Is it hard for me to listen to my gut or intuition? Why or why not?

What practices can I engage in to help me better trust my Deep Source?

What other Deep Sources of wisdom am I able to access?

The above image, as always, comes from The Goddess Inspiration Oracle by Kris Waldherr. This particular image comes from The Goddess Inspiration Oracle app!

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Susan Harper is an eclectic solitary Feminist Witch from Irving, Texas. She is a professor of Anthropology, Sociology, and Women's Studies, with a focus on gender, religion, and sexuality. She is also an activist, community educator, and writer. When she's not making magick or fomenting social change, Susan is the head soapmaker, herbalist, and aromatherapist for Dreaming Priestess Creations. She shares her life with her partner, Stephanie, five cats, and two guinea pigs.


  • Paola Suarez
    Paola Suarez Tuesday, 29 April 2014

    Hi Susan! FYI the link to your online chakra intensive isn't working. :(

  • Susan Harper
    Susan Harper Tuesday, 29 April 2014

    Thanks, Paola! It's working now -- darn HTML Gremlins :)

  • Paola Suarez
    Paola Suarez Tuesday, 29 April 2014

    Yay! It is working now. Thank you Susan! Do you have another website with more details about your classes? Do you offer recordings of classes that are missed? Also how do you do them? Do you use a conference number or some other service? :)

  • Susan Harper
    Susan Harper Tuesday, 29 April 2014

    I'm building a site this summer, as soon as my spring teaching is done -- I'll definitely announce it here! In the meantime, you can check out my Eventbrite page (where I do my registration through) to see what's on tap for this coming year. I am adding more all the time....

    I offer my class asynchronously, so people can participate as they are able. Each class has a private Facebook group, and you get emails from me with course materials, articles to read, journaling prompts, exercises to try, etc., depending on the course. For my Chakra class, you get an email each week with a meditation, some information on the chakra, a link to a podcast on the chakra which I record (and which you can download and save), journal prompts, and ideas for how to connect with the chakra of the week. I like conducting everything outside of "real time" so that no one has to worry about dialing into a conference call or anything -- people work totally at their own pace and have the course materials forever so they can return to them even after the group course experience is over.

    I hope you decide to take a class with me some time -- I am having a lot of fun stepping into this new venture!

  • Paola Suarez
    Paola Suarez Wednesday, 30 April 2014

    Oooh thank you for all the info Susan! Definitely looking forward to seeing your website once it is up. I am busy trying to catch up with graduate school work or not I would totally sign up for a class. I'm definitely interested in learning more about everything all the time! :)

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