It's been one of those weeks where it's been a little hard to see my blessings, and all to easy to see my roadblocks. I'm participating in a community on Facebook where we post three things that we are grateful for each day, and it's helping me to stay focused on all the wonderful things in my life -- even when it seems all I can see are the setbacks and the "what ifs." So I chuckled a little when Changing Woman, The Navajo Goddess of the Corn, came dancing into my life tonight.


Changing Woman by Kris Waldherr

"All of life's seasons bring blessings. Appreciate them."

Here are some questions and some practices I'll be working with this week, as I focus on Changing Woman's message:

How can I express gratitude each day?

What blessings are in my life that I sometimes have trouble seeing?

What blessings does this season in my life bring?

How can I reframe the obstacles in my life as blessings?

How can I be grateful for setbacks, obstacles, and unanswered prayers?

I'll also be continuing with my gratitude journal community on Facebook, and I encourage you all to either join in -- it's called The Happiness Journal -- or keep your own gratitude journal. We can even share what we are grateful for in the comments on this entry!