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A hedge-hopping awenydd follows the Mother of Life's trackways and brings back what is needed, connecting the village with the numinous wilds.

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Where Women Gather, Magic Rises: Journeying Into WomanSpirit In 2014

It is a new year, and it’s time for this woman to focus on her quest of connecting with womanspirit, and to focus on this blog as the home base for the exploration of the feminine mysteries and sisterhood.

This year I will be attending the monthly Women’s Sacred Circle at my local Unitarian Universalist congregation, I’ll be making new friends and hopefully forming a coterie of women, and I’ll be starting a spiritual practice that will delve into the feminine mysteries to blend them with my animistic and solitary journey. I might even pray. :) I’m hoping music will have a part, too. In 2014 I am emerging from the wild hedge to dance in the circle of women.

I keep finding myself imagining Artemis emerging from the woods… not lonely since she lives with the animals and plants and moon and earth, but curious about the gathering women, and sensing a sisterhood she belongs to… and taking her place among them, contributing to their presence and magic, and helping to ground it in the earth and lift it toward the stars. Grow…

There is something unique here among the women… a part of the larger whole of existence, but a fascinating, beautiful, oscillating dynamic and force of nature that generates warmth and power… and life... and the nurturance of life - infusing it with joy and security.

This force of nature has been appreciated through the ages (some ages more than others). We may find it so fascinating because it has been kept unfamiliar in our culture. It is gathering up again. Being swept up into that flow is exhilarating and comforting at once. It is coming home… a home that has been locked up for centuries, unless you knew the secret entrances. Now enough women have come home that they can melt away the locks from the inside, start healing the poison of internalized patriarchy, and welcome in all their sisters (including their two-spirit sisters), and prepare the temple-house  for becoming a full participant in the human community, again.

Because where women gather, magic rises.

We have been through our dark night – our shaman death – and we return wiser and stronger, and ready to heal the world that has been brought toward untimely death by unbalanced humanity.

We are blessed with brains built for connections, intuition, and for holistic, wise leadership. We have something very special that we share with each other – a magic that I cannot name yet, and want to explore. We have a synthesis of skills and emotion and spirit that we can offer to our human and ecological communities. We can reclaim our power and heal away patriarchy, connecting everyone to each other again, and healing the virulent dominance/competition modus operandi, bringing a more ethical and communal way into being. Hopefully we can do this before the unbalanced way fully transforms Mother into Death, and heaven into hell.

Home has become a hell-hole? Who ya gonna call? Women-folk! Here come the brooms! Haha! Expect the place to sparkle and shine, pulse and glow, before long. Expect it.

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Lia is an awenydd, writer, journal editor (A Beautiful Resistance), copyeditor (Druid Magazine), hedge witch, mother, musician, OBOD Bard, and anthropology major, living in the wild, enchantingly beautiful mountain west (USA). Her spiritual influences tend toward the ancient and indigenous, with a future-focused hope that humanity will return to a spiritually-rich and thriving sustainability.


  • Paola Suarez
    Paola Suarez Wednesday, 15 January 2014

    Clicked on your post thinking you were writing about Where Womyn Gather ( the gathering I've been going to for 11 years as of this June but was pleasantly surprised to find your post on the power of every day gatherings of women. It really is amazing what a group of women can create both energetically and physically in our world. Thank you for sharing Lia! :)

  • Rebecca Buchanan
    Rebecca Buchanan Saturday, 18 January 2014

    Where did you find that awesome olde timey photograph?

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