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The Mother Aspect of the Goddess attribute is much more than the giving and nourishing Mother. The Mother Archetype also encompasses the attributes of Strength and Empowerment. Let us discover the Mother aspect in all spectrums.

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The Empowered Goddess

The beauty of the Goddess is often displayed by the luminous glow of her skin, the fluid movement of her body and attire, and by her nourishing and loving qualities that identifies so splendidly with the Feminine Divine.  When we envision the Goddess, we visualize the mermaid, the fairy and the priestess; all very beautiful and soft representations of the Female aspect.

 Very rarely, do we envision the empowered aspects of the Goddess within the ision of softness—when we think of the empowered Goddess, we may find ourselves visualizing the images of Lioness; the Goddess Sekhmet, strong and powerful but not quite as soft as fairies or mermaids.  

 It is time to fully bring into balance and fruition the totality of the Goddess; the trilogy of her being: The Maiden, Mother, Crone aspects, in their entire splendor, without the need to compromise one aspect over the other. The trilogy of the Goddess truly compromises the Empowered Goddess. 

 Indeed, as we experience the varied cycles of life, much like the seasons, we, too, experience the heightened aspects of one of the trilogy aspects of the Goddess Energies. In our youth, we are more in tuned with the Maiden energy, filled with innocence and curiosity, a yearning for awakening and for romance. As we blossom from the Maiden to the Mother aspect, we begin to harness our maternal energies of nourishment and womb love. Our yearning to take care of others begins to dampen our Maiden desires. And finally, as we begin to mature into a deeper sense of wisdom, the Crone aspect of our Goddess energies finally allow us to fully embrace our strength and empowerment but oftentimes, we have also allowed ourselves to lose touch with our Maiden and Motherly aspects.

 Like the seasons, we have unconsciously allowed ourselves to believe that our Feminine energy have a beginning and an end, instead of embracing that the trilogy of our femininity is ever-flowing and integrative; that our totality is found in the recognition that we are always embodied in the Maiden, Mother, Crone energies no matter what our biological age is...simply because we are not our physical bodies, but truly, magnificent, divine Goddesses.

 There is no reason or cause to compromise an aspect of our divine identity merely because we have lived through a milestone in our physical lives. Within us, we have always and will always possess the aspects of the trilogy: We have always--and will always--be the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone.

 The empowered Goddess recognizes that true balance is attained when she can allow herself to graciously move from one aspect of her being to the next aspect without ever losing identity with all that she truly is. For, the Mother in us still yearns to be romanced and swept off our feet...and the Maiden still possesses great wisdom and strength within her and the Crone is still very strong even when she allows herself to feel vulnerable and desires to be held in safety.

 So, as you embark on embracing the magnificence of you, no matter what your biological age is, do not be afraid to showcase and to share every aspect of who you truly are! Do not hesitate to allow your hair to flow in the winds, to kick your shoes off and to aimlessly wander amidst the grass or the golden not be shy about speaking your truth with assertiveness and to take a bold enough to share your passion in your dance, and to playfully twirl your hair as you speak, and to have a twinkle in your eyes as you smile and to raise your hands up to the sky as you proclaim your wholeness and empowerment in all that you are. For, you are a delicious, mysterious and an exquisite aspect of the Goddess, in every moment and in every experience that you partake in!











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Blanca is the author of 8 self-help books and wears several hats under the holistic/spiritual arena.She is a natural Empath and Medium and is also a guru to many students around the world. Her maternal connection to the Mother Goddess aspect has blessed her to be a healing and nourishing vessel to many.


  • Lizann Bassham
    Lizann Bassham Thursday, 25 July 2013

    Thank you for your wise words - if time is not linear, but really simultaneous, our nature as Maiden, Mother, Crone, can be as well.

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