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Tarot can be used for many things including futurecasting. This blog will focus on Tarot as a tool for introspection including spreads, readings, individual card explorations and investigating themes of Tarot. You can expect discussions of magical uses of Tarot as well. If you have a question, please send it for possible inclusion in a blog topic.

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Sometimes the Tarot weirds me out, y'all aka TarotBlogHop: Imbolc 2019

Hey y'all! It's Arwen, the Professional Joy Seeker, here with my Witches and Pagans entry into the Imbolc 2019 Tarot Blog Hop. The theme for this edition of the Tarot Blog Hop is “Odd Associations.” I have another post in this hop about a missing baby. But I have a lot more weird stories. In fact, I often whine, "Mooommmmm, the Tarot is DOING IT again."
By that I mean mocking me, teasing me, tripping me up! An association I have with the Chariot Rx is a car accident. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you a story about "this one time as Psychic Phone Line camp...."
It's really not what you are thinking! I had a woman call me for a reading. She didn't really have a question so I did a Celtic Cross layout. Pretty much my go-to spread at that time. I've moved away from that though. During the reading, the Deep Past card (the third card I lay down) was the Chariot reversed (Rx).
I put my fingers on the card. I do that because it helps me center on the card I'm reading. I'm a bit of a ....
When I touched the card, I started talking...in first person!
"I want you to know I died of a heart attack. I was not in any pain."
I had to stop myself, y'all. I really wanted to clap my hands over my mouth! But this woman asked me to continue. So I did, but in third person now. I told her that he wanted her to know the car crash came after he died. And that he didn't want her to move the big pots by herself.
It was that last line that had her laughing and crying. I told her I was sorry, then I described the person I suddenly had a memory of. Well, not exactly a memory. More like it was a photograph. He wasn't moving. I didn't see him--I remembered what he looked like. I went on to describe the front of her house and the big picture window. At this time, she gasped. Then she confirmed it was her husband. He'd died on a winding highway in the Ozarks. It was a crash with a semi if I remember correctly. He'd only been gone about six, maybe nine months.
And I'd described him exactly in what he'd died in. Overalls and a white shirt. Things I could not know! But to this day, the Chariot Rx reminds me of that. I will always ask about a car accident if it is a past card or warn my querent to take care if it is a future card.
Then there was the missing baby...but that's another post. In this hop, actually. Have fun as you visit the other posts to find out what my compatriots have to say about their own odd associations. Please take a moment to leave a comment on the blogs. You are the reason we do these hops. So let us know you came by!
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Professional Tarot conversationalist, Arwen Lynch has worked with Tarot as a vehicle for personal transformation since 1980. Her personal philosophy is that Tarot is best used to correct your life course. She is a published author (in romance, as Marilu Mann) as well as past president of the American Tarot Association (4/1/2007-4/1/2014). She specializes in helping people who are determined find their joy and writers who want to finish their book. She's an initiate of Wicca.


  • Aisling
    Aisling Saturday, 02 February 2019

    This is amazing, Arwen--and one of the most amazing things about it is that I have had very similar experiences. I love the way Spirit speaks to us, and even if we think we don't understand it, somehow we do. Thanks for making me think, sister!

  • Francesca De Grandis
    Francesca De Grandis Thursday, 07 February 2019

    Arwen, thank you so much.

    I have had similar experiences as a psychic, but tend not to reveal them publicly, so it is really nice to see a story like yours in print.

    I guess I thought that if I told them publicly, people would think I was bragging. But now, reading your essay, I realize it’s clearly not bragging, it’s just talking about our strange, blessed lives, something which I am usually quite willing to do, LOL.

    Thanks again!

  • Joy Vernon
    Joy Vernon Monday, 11 February 2019

    Wow! What an incredible story! Very powerful.

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