Ostara 2019, A Tarot Blog Hop


First, if you aren't familiar with what a blog hop is, here's the TL/DR version. Bloggers all write about the same theme at the same time on the same day. We have been doing this every year since 2012. 

For this Ostara (or Mabon for those in the more southern regions), we were given two themes by our wranglers. For this blog, I chose theme 1 which  asked us, "What card or cards would you say represent you either professionally or personally?"

That's a big discussion for me but perfect for this day of birth, renewal, and SPRING. I've actually been in the middle of a pretty heavy process. I'm unloading a huge number of decks (still have 5+ boxes to go) and books will be next. I'm stripping down a lot of the accouterments that I've allowed to define me. So let's look at how to determine what card or cards represent me professionally. 

Because I have just publicly outed myself as a practicing medium, I will choose the card that I think says, "This gal talks to the dead routinely." You might think I would choose the High Priestess because, come on, HIGH PRIESTESS, am I right? But she is a bit more formal than I am. I have been known to tell the beloved dead to take a step back or "shut up for a minute so I can deliver the damned message!" Humor is one of my tools as well. I've long denied being a medium saying, "I don't have the hair for it." That references Ghost for those of you looking at me with blank stares.

Now I have to not just accept it, I have to move on it. In fact, next week I'll  be doing a Medium Meet&Greet (that's just a hair larger than a Small Meet&Greet) via Zoom. Want in on that? It's free. Just join my newsletter.

So back to the card for me. I think it will be two. The Queen of Pentacles and Death work for me.


The Queen of Pentacles because of her no-nonsense approach. I see her as down-to-earth with a sassy sense of humor. She's the mom who will cook you a great meal while telling you how to choose a great vibrator. She's just real and so am I. I'd rather be direct than beat around the bush. All that does is disturbs the birds. She has a gift for listening as well and not reinterpreting your words. Just hearing you and holding space for you. That's how I talk to the beloved (and sometimes unbeloved) dead.

Death is the other side because, you know, DEAD PEOPLE. :D All joking aside, I think a healthy connection with  Death is a good thing for all. It is particularly so for anyone that has been called to do this work. The Other Side is for all of us eventually. Might as well have an in with the guy that is going to give me that final ride. Wonder if I can leave a review on Uber.


So there it is. I, Arwen, talk to dead people. Or more correctly, they talk to me. Ad Nauseam some days. I mean don't these people have lives? Oh....wait My bad!

This post is me officially letting my freak flag fly even more. Seek joy, y'all. Pass it on!

Before you hop to the next blog, please let me know if you've ever chatted with the dead--intentionally or unintentionally.