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Swashbuckling Aphrodite? Steampunk Aphrodite?

An Aphrodite of the people is not separate from the culture of the people. While some deities prefer to float around in the sky stroking their long white beards, and others like to stay classically enshrined in pristine and historically-accurate temples, Aphrodite is a party girl who gets bored if you try to keep Her dressed in the same old chitons and flowing gowns all the time. She is not stuck in history, nor in any single vision of beauty and adornment. She is Beauty in all its forms.

I envision Aphrodite in many different social and cultural contexts, and She always has impeccable style for the occasion. She helps me see the beauty of the unexpected.

For instance, if Aphrodite decided, as a sea-faring type, to go to the Pirate Festival, she might well look something like the fierce, deadly, and harshly beautiful Anne Bonny:



If Aphrodite showed up at a Steampunk event, She might have a set-up something like this:



Aphrodite is no stranger to costumes, trends, and fanciness of all sorts. It doesn't demean Her to think of Her as being a participant in our modern world, yet it is also important to think of Her as timeless. She is the ultimate fashionista, actually, having access to the Fanciness of All the Ages.

If you envision Aphrodite in modern dress, a fun costume from any period, or fashion-forward couture, what images spring to your mind? I have a few.

Yoga Princess Aphrodite (reminds me of my friend Ladybug!)



Punk Rock Aphrodite



Pinstripe Suit Aphrodite (reminds me of Amy!)



How about you? Any good links to Aphrodite images that pull you away from the stereotype, away from the historical depictions, and open your view to Her many facets?

If your interest is piqued by this topic, you might want to go check out my Aphrodite Kybernetes Pinterest board, where I curate various images related to my vision of Her.

I am inspired to write this post in anticipation of a ritual that the Temple of Aphrodite is doing at the upcoming PantheaCon event in San Jose (we are Friday at 3:30). Temple Priestess Amy wrote this ritual, called "The Many Faces of Aphrodite." The ritual invites the attendees to see Aphrodite in several different ways, through various lenses, as a way of breaking down the outworn pattern of Her power as being found only in specific representations or tropes. Because She is the power of Love, and Love is truly everywhere, so is She.

Later that night, at 9 pm, make sure to catch the Rite of Love and Delight, featuring members of CAYA Coven, Sacred Fires Tradition, and Temple of Aphrodite in an all-singing, all-dancing, booty-shaking, thigh-quaking good time! We are going to have some yummy, good, clean, sexy fun ;)

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Yeshe Rabbit is a dedicated Priestess of Aphrodite who has been an enthusiastic wanderer along the winding path of esoterica for over 20 years. Her interests include tarot, herbalism, shamanic and indigenous spiritual practices, myth and storytelling, drumming, singing, ecstatic ritual, plant/stone/animal lore, and astrology. She is a regular teacher/presenter at local and national gatherings, including the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium, PantheaCon, the Berkeley Pagan Festival, and others. Yeshe Rabbit helps magical folk find their perfect treasures at her shop in Oakland, The Sacred Well, and serves as the Presiding High Priestess of the Bay Area's Come As You Are Coven. She is also a Priestess in the Bay Area Temple of Aphrodite. See her other writings at the Way of the Rabbit Blog.


  • Ladybug
    Ladybug Friday, 31 January 2014

    Great article! And I love your Pinterest board! Thanks for the mention. I like to envision a bellydancing Aphrodite. :D

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