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Taking a Stone Break

I’m not sure if you are like me, but I wear some type of stone every single day, even when I sleep. Now, I’m not including my wedding set, but other stones.  I have a rose quartz bracelet, a red tigers eye bracelet, various pendants and rings.

Lately, though, I’ve noticed that I need to take a break from wearing them now and again. One day I noticed that the bracelets felt awful and heavy on my wrist (a new feeling for me) so I took them off and put them on the windowsill so they could catch the moonlight. I woke in the morning and went to put them back on and they still felt heavy. 

I believe that it was the stone’s way of letting me know that they needed a break from me as well. 

This all got me thinking. How often do we need to take off our jewelry and let ourselves reset? 

I’ve started to make it a point to go for about 24 hours without certain pieces of jewelry, letting the stones and myself to reset. Even if I don’t wear a certain piece at night, I will wear it from the time I get out of the shower and dressed in the morning until I get ready for bed at night and repeat the next day. Sometimes the time in between is not enough to let the piece rest.

I have pieces that I like to wear to “protect” myself throughout the day from any negative energy that I May come in contact with and some that I wear to perk my mood up, and then others during the phases of the moon which could be three to four days in a row. I have backed my moon phase jewelry to three days as I found that anything after three days I loose my charge and they just don’t “feel” as though they want to work with the moon energy anymore. 

The only pieces that I don’t feel need charged or rested is my wedding set. I often wonder why this is. Is it possible that when we work on our marriage (spending time alone together) that the energy we create automatically recharges these pieces?

I also have started to rotate the stones that I have set around my house in various rooms. When I’m doing my dishes and I look out the window above my kitchen sink on the windowsill there is a quartz generator about the size of a baseball. It there to bring light and happiness into the kitchen. I never really gave it much thought as it is always catching the sun and moon light sitting there, but there are times when it just feels a bit clouded or sluggish. 

I teach that we need to clean our crystals and one way I teach is by placing them in the moonlight of a full moon. But as we know, doing this each month can be a bit tedious, especially if you have a houseful like I do. So, I have started to only put out the crystals when they start to feel a bit off or just by working through one room a month. This makes for a nice rotation and I can do the same with my jewelry. 

This process also gives me more time to be able to sit with each stone and recharge it. I also use a paint brush and soft cloth to brush/wipe off any dust and dirt that may have collected on each one. This also gives me some time to have a personal conversation with each piece, thanking it for it’s service and requesting any new service I may need.

Have I noticed a difference? Yes I have. Even though I was taught that stones need to be cleaned monthly, it may be a bit overwhelming. The point is, listen to your stones, even the small ones that you wear and carry around with you. They will tell you when it’s time for a rest and recharge. They may be telling you to recharge yourself as well. 


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