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Reading the Signs

It has been a while since I have had a chance to sit down and write.  Too long in fact.  I have left yet another job and started another, more learning of things that in some ways just do not make sense.  Another job where I am the oldest and am teased about my "ways" of doing things.  Just today I was teased about how I always look at the good side of things.  Well, I'm a Reiki Master/Teacher, there's a reason why I am this way.  But I have had time to reflect.  I find that I am still trying to find the job that I am comfortable in, one that I feel comfortable in my own skin.  On June 30 I turned another year older (49), way too old and starting to sense the Wise Woman in me.  

One new aspect is that my middle daughter, Marie, has opened up to let me know that she is seeing and sensing spirits as well as energy from people around her.  My husband has recently asked me to cleanse our house (teenagers create and attract a lot of various types of energies).  Marie is going to learn this process.  I am going to take her under my wings and teach her.  This gives me two benefits.  First I know what she is learning and I can guide her towards more material.  She is curious and I want to encourage this curiosity.  Secondly, this gives me a chance to dust off my course books and various other books and binders and relearn some aspects of healing modalities that I have neglected.  I have a student!  But I need to remember that I live with this student and to not overwhelm her with information all the time.

But there are other signs.  These signs have been presenting themselves and I have been overlooking them.  I'm not sure if I have been only pushing them aside because I have been mentally busy learning other mundane day to day chores for work.  But now it has been three months into this new job and the comfort level is starting to set best as it can for now.  So the signs are getting louder.

My husband and I took the kids to my in-laws' for the holiday weekend.  I have been looking forward to this trip, they live in Delaware near the ocean.  This will give me the chance to sink my feet into the sand and smell the ocean.  The crab in me needs this retreat.  

I have been reviewing some of my Reiki material that I used for the classes I would teach since I am "patiently" awaiting a potential student to call me.  I had met her on a recent outing while Marie and I were looking at couches.  This sales lady and I connected over some skeleton keys and started a conversation.  It lead to Reiki.  Which also lead to spirits, empathic abilities, and Marie piping in and talking about her experiences.  She is 14, this is a big step for this shy child and I was proud of her.

On our drive to Delaware, we stopped by one of our old favorite stores (one that we haven't been able to visit since 2009), The Crystal Fox in Laurel, Maryland.  It felt like walking in on a family home that hasn't been visited in a long time.  My girls and I wandered through the shop and made a pile of goodies that we needed, essential oils, crystals, bits and pieces :)  I was drawn to a Smokey Quartz crystal that was posted on Sterling's Facebook page among a bunch of other Smokey Quartz crystals.  All I knew is that since he posted that picture on June 15, I was drawn to one.  Now I actually had it in my little hands!  One of the other strange tugs on my interest was a tarot card deck.  A small sized deck that I can easily carry in my purse, it was s Druid deck.  In reviewing the reason why I was so drawn to the Smokey Quartz, I read about how it was prized by the Druids.  And there's a sign! I don't have a set religious path, I am a mixture of so many different beliefs, but for some reason, this earthy path is calling to me, especially since I am rehashing my Reiki path.  Maybe not so much for a belief path, but the earthy grounding of it all.

I am now paying attention and watching a bit closer.  I note that all this is occurring during the New Moon, a time of reflection and learning.

Then I check my email and there were updates all of a sudden that were showing me that there were updates on my old Facebook page, Celestial Grove.  Again, another sign.  This was my page that I started a couple years back to use as a connection place for other Reiki practitioners.  

I have had this recurring dream that I am in a place set aside for healing.  I am teaching and leading others in following their curiosity.  

So, tonight while I am making dinner a video appears on my personal Facebook page that has my close friends and family.  It is of a woman in Wyoming who started teaching her own crystal classes and how she got started.  This was yet another sign.

I am listening.  I am watching.  I am becoming more observant.  I am taking notes.  And I am making plans.  I have dusted off my Celestial Grove Facebook page and will be moving forward and following any signs that will appear to guide me.

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I am a wife and mother of three children, a Reiki Master Teacher, a Belly Dance Instructor as well as a very curious creature.


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