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Raven (yes, really), a pagan, homeschooling mother of two -- one teen, one tot -- shares her adventures in parenting from a pagan perspective. Watch her juggle work, education, parenting, cooking, gardening, and . . . how many balls are in the air now? Sometimes they fall, and sometimes she learns from her mistakes. You can, too.

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Manifestation Through Blended Traditions

For months, I felt compelled to get back to my writing projects, but didn't feel I could.  With a new baby in the house, I seemed to always be nursing, cooking, or cleaning.  Then I meditated one night and thought about what basic knowledge I have of feng shui.  Though I don't follow the tradition in the exacting way masters do, I at least attempt to pay attention to the areas of my personal space that lay along the bagua (an octagonal layout that ascribes different regions of the room to different areas of one's life) and use them as a focus.

Just as any object or form can be used to focus one's intent within witchcraft, so too can traditions outside those of our heritage (and I use the term loosely, since my pagan heritage extends back only to my mother, so far as I know).  Being of European descent, and particularly northern areas such as Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands, most of what I practice incorporates elements from known pagan traditions of those areas.  However, sometimes I feel called to or find harmony with portions of other traditions that seem easily integrated into my practice.  

While there are some who prefer to stay within one tradition, working with a single pantheon, or were raised within an indigenous tradition that is entwined with their identity, many of us may feel spiritually orphaned (or even colonized) and look toward older traditions for our own method of navigating the spiritual parts of our lives.  Doing so after research and with respect can be rewarding.  Thus, the use of feng shui as a tool toward enhancing spells already begun can enhance my focus.

In the case of my chosen career -- writing -- I felt it important I give the areas of my room representing that goal a boost.  My first inspiration came to creating a talisman to hang on the bare wall of my wealth corner.  I wanted it to represent my desired source for material wealth.  Though I've been a published poet and non-fiction writer, my long-term goal is to write speculative fiction for both children and adults.  So, I learned how to bind small books, and created a template for the book size I wanted and their covers.  I searched for special paper and parchment to use for the books, glued their covers, and bound the pages together.  Once finished, I hung all five from a piece of deadfall in my yard, which I'd painted three colors that correspond to alchemical symbols, and then for a little added oomph, I added fairy glamor in the form of fine glitter.  Because glitter is fabulous.

Within two weeks, I started looking for those safe moments where I could sneak away from my slumbering son and write.  I set up a small writing area with my laptop in the room, so that I could hear him if he stirred, but not be tied to the bed and likely disturb his sleep.  Since then, I've been writing six times a week -- I scheduled a day off -- and I've taken my manifestation a step further.

My career corner, which has a bookcase full of my favorite science fiction and fantasy, now has most of a shelf dedicated to my published works, place cards for future projects, and a host of focus items related to my goals.  I even used shelf paper to give it a backdrop, and added a mirror, which both reflects the abundance and intention, but also symbolizes water, which is associated with this part of the bagua.  My knowledge corner also boasts new shelf paper where my altar items are kept when not in use.  They've been rearranged to reflect a better organized system to help me in future work.

In all of these smaller projects, I've combined certain elements from Celtic, Chinese, Fairy, Shamanic (Siberian), and Shinto traditions with alchemy and modern witchcraft to create a space that reflects my spiritual path and my stated goals clearly.  This new arrangement provides me with a visual reminder every day of what I need to do to achieve success, and the clearing away of the clutter and chaos have helped energy flow more smoothly through these aspects of my life. 



Whatever your own dream, meditate on it in the way that works best for you, whether that's silent prayer, yogic breathing, or shamanic journey.  Listen closely to your inner voice or guides to gain insight into what foci you can create for yourself to assist you in manifesting the goal that is your current priority.  While this sort of manifestation can enhance a spell already cast, it is not quite the same as spell casting, and should be used for creating personal change, rather than attracting, say, a job, a romantic partner, or an object.  

Use objects to represent your goals, create talismans or art, and make space both in your home and your life for what matters most.  Make room for your new future to manifest.  It will take time to reshape the space around you to reflect your goals; a dream ought to take time to plan, tend, and give attention to it for it to manifest.  Once you've created room for your goal, you'll begin to notice little changes in your thinking and behavior that are more in line with what you wish to achieve.

Blessed be!

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Raven lives in a forest with her two homeschooled children, partner, and several demanding cats. She enjoys performing, cooks a mean burger, and is obsessed with farming, but has yet to adopt a goat. Her publications are listed at


  • Ted Czukor
    Ted Czukor Saturday, 31 May 2014

    You have hit on a profound truth. As Hemingway wrote in his posthumously-published novel, Islands in the Stream (and as George C. Scott declares in the movie): "I know now that there is no one thing that is true - it is all true."

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