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Raven (yes, really), a pagan, homeschooling mother of two -- one teen, one tot -- shares her adventures in parenting from a pagan perspective. Watch her juggle work, education, parenting, cooking, gardening, and . . . how many balls are in the air now? Sometimes they fall, and sometimes she learns from her mistakes. You can, too.

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Making Time for the Sacred

In busy lives filled with work both paid and unpaid, it can be a common oversight to take time to honor your path.

I frequently find myself overwhelmed by my errands, roles, and ever-lengthening to do list that I end most days without taking a moment to cherish the sacred and reconnect with what grounds me.  When I've made it a habit, I tend to be grouchy and snappish, spend more time in activities that don't serve me (procrastination), and feel less fulfilled.

Here's how I pull myself out of this spiral of futility, and it only takes setting aside five to ten minutes a day.

First, I go back to the most basic of basics: I breathe.  Sometimes I don't remember to do this until I'm in bed and ready to sleep, but taking three deep breaths, holding each, and releasing them slowly creates a physiological shift in the body that calms, the mind, soothes stress, and helps a person re-center.

Next, I determine what I need most and can accomplish in five to ten minutes.  It can be anything: a focused breath meditation in bed, lighting a candle and concentrating on a single wish or prayer, clearing chakras and grounding, drumming, or journeying to guides.

Once I've re-established my evening routine, I begin to remember other small ways to honor the sacred throughout the day.  I greet the day with greater excitement, stretching my body into wakefulness.  My showers are more fulfilling when I'm mindful of the water -- both it's sacredness and its role as a finite resource that shouldn't be wasted.  At each meal, I take time to be thankful for the food and the sacrifices and love that went into its path to my table.

And in the end, I remember to breathe more -- with awareness and purpose -- several times a day.  I feel grounded, more connected, and more appreciative of the gifts around me.

What can you do five to ten minutes each day that can help you reconnect and stay true to your spirit?  Make the time for these small moments of awareness and joy and all of your time becomes sacred.

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Raven lives in a forest with her two homeschooled children, partner, and several demanding cats. She enjoys performing, cooks a mean burger, and is obsessed with farming, but has yet to adopt a goat. Her publications are listed at


  • Julio
    Julio Wednesday, 02 July 2014

    Thanks, luminous ideas!!!!!!!!

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