Making my living with my magic, I am intrigued with marketing. Deep down, I understand marketing IS magic. We are now deeply immersed in the trend of elevator pitches and Tell-Them-In-One-Word. People spend only 15 seconds on a webpage, we are told, so tell your message fast!!!

I freak at this. I just can’t, and I know I don’t want to. I left science to become free, to follow my heart, not to become the slave of the marketing guru’s. AND, on a deeper level I can tell you they are wrong. Maybe they can help you earn big money. But they are not helping you do the work of your souls calling.

It is simply not how magic works. Magic is about raising energy and creating a field around a specific intention. Ha, you might think, cannot that intention be said in one word? Well, actually not. Because magic is also about aligning with how nature really works. And if there is something everyone agrees upon, from mystic to management prophet to priestess, it is that the world is complex, paradoxical, and full of miracles. So the unexpected truth is, that in order to create your dreams you need to be full of ambiguity!

An example. Ever heard of One Trait Breeding? It is used widely in our cattle industry. Say, someone wants chickens with more breast meat. Then in the breeding all the focus comes to this one trait. Researcher Temple Grandin came across the shocking results of this. She came to a farm where the roosters raped the hens, and if the hens refused the rooster simply murdered them. Temple was shocked, of course, and went to the farmer to ask if he had noticed this. He said: ‘yes, and it hurts me to see it, but you know that is just as it is among roosters and hens’. Temple researched this, and this is what she found: it USED TO BE not normal between roosters and hens. That changed when one trait breeding came in. Within not more than 5 years, the roosters became super macho to the point of being rapists and murderers.

The conclusion is: yes, one trait breeding gets you that one trait. But be careful what you ask for. It just might land you in a situation you never ever wanted, with raping and murdering roosters…

We see this happening also in politics. It used to be that parties had programs, now they have one-liners. The result? Politics swinging to and fro, needing to correct unwanted by-effects all the time...

I find I am ready for the new marketing, which is not about that one thing I can bring you. It is about being with me. In all my full paradoxicality, ambiguity, complexity… and full of miracles. Journeying with me is heart melting, mind stretching, and body shaking.

So if you too want to make your magic your living, forget the One Trait Marketing. Listen inside, to the full ambiguity of your heart. Share that, raise some energy and trust in miracles.