Last week I was blessed to ring in another year. As a lead up to my birthday week I put together a wish list of decks I would have been more then happy to receive from my inner circle. There are some new and noteworthy decks on my wish list so i thought I would share the love and let you see what is next on my new, noteworthy and must have list for the remainder of the summer. 

Kicking things off at #1 is the Isidore Tarot - Bethalynne Bajema

This neo-victorian deck is a self published deck which you can purchase either right from the decks website or etsy. I am a bit of a sucker for animal based decks and this one must has a great feel to it and to be honest what's not to like about a toad in a top hat!

#2 The Sacred Isle Tarot - David Higgins

This deck was first released as a Majors only deck in 2007. Here we are 7 years later and the deck is now complete. Another wonderful self published project, you can only get this deck through its own site, which is saying it is at pre-order status. All prices are in English pounds just a note for stateside buyers. 

#3 Oracle of Visions - Ciro Marchetti

To be honest I will buy pretty much anything that Ciro has done the artwork for. His limited edition self published Lenormand is one of my prized decks! I am sad to say I did miss out on the self published version of this deck, but the U.S Games edition is still stunning.

#4 Ghost Tarot - Davide Corsi

I have to say this is a pretty special deck. The images are very emotive and engaging. With a fantastic balance of ethereal beings and the real physical world. It is almost like each card has two stories playing out at the same time. Can't wait to really explore the possibilities of this deck further.

#5 Steampunk Tarot - Charissa Drengsen

The reason I have this deck at number 5 is that it has been kicking around since 2010. Not that it means it is not on my right now radar. Another self published deck this one is only available through etsy. I love this deck, it has the whole Jim Rose Circus feel to it wrap in Steampunk magic. What's not to love about that!

So there is my birthday list, I am not going to tell you which ones I ended up with. You will have to keep watching my reviews to find out! 

Happy tarot blessings!