As Thanksgiving draws near here in the U.S., many people are getting ready to travel (myself included).  Hopefully, we’re all also spending a little bit more time on gratitude each day; it’s a great time of year to count our blessings, and even though I do try to keep an attitude of gratitude throughout the year, I love overloading on thanks almost as much as I love overloading on turkey.  In the spirit of the season, here’s one of my favorite methods of giving thanks.

The A to Z list!

I first encountered this idea when I was teaching middle school, and it’s something I’ve returned to every year since; write up an alphabet of the things and people you are thankful for.  But don’t worry; I won’t simply be posting a litany of thankfulness today.  Since this is the Goddess Travel page, I thought I would share my A to Z list of goddesses whose presence I am grateful for.

*Rolls up my sleeves*.

A is for Athena’s wit and Aphrodite’s charm.

B is for Brigid, keeper of the flame.

C is for Changing woman and her rainbow.

D is for Durga’s fierce strength.

E is for Ereshkigal, the shadow sister.

F is for Freya and spinning mother Frigg

G is for Gaia, the earth beneath my feet.

H is for Hathor’s musical dance.

I is for Isis, my lady, my patron.

J is for Juno, the starry queen.

K is for Kuan Yin and Kali, light and darkness.

L is for Lilith, dark woman, dark force.

M is for Mary, robed in blue light.

N is for Nut and her dark daughter, Nepthys.

O is for Mas Oya and Oshun.

P is for Persephone, dressed in red.

Q is for the Queen of Heaven, in all her names.

R is for Radha, radiant one.

S is for Saraswatti, lady of letters.

T is for Tefnut, great mother of dew.

U is for Uraeus, the sacred serpent.

V is for Vesta, keeper of the hearth flame.

W is White Buffalo Woman, she of strength.

X is for Xochiquetzal, lady of flowers.

Y is for Yemaya, whirling in the wind.

Z is for the Zorya, ladies of light.


I am thankful for all these goddess, and more.  How will you express your thanks in this season and beyond?