When February has been Harsh

It's just one foot in front of the other. 
It's just one moment, 
then another, then another-
Till the footfalls mark a footpath
and the breathing is a testament.


It's funny how time flies and yet remains standing still. I blink, and we are in the middle of February. I blink again, and the world outside is still covered in ice and deep, deep snow. 

The winter, thus far, has been educational. 


My normally healthy immune system took a month to rid my body of the flu. This reminds me that I need to stop more, to rest more, to listen to my body and thus, the world.

I had a student come out for a weekend retreat for Imbolc, and we did some lovely Brighid magic with a hammer and anvil. This reminds me that I need not be afraid of life's "poundings" - the hammer, the anvil, and the substance being shaped are all sacred.

I am preparing to teach an Iron Pentacle class with my partner Boneweaver in March. Aside from the general Iron Pentacle work, we will be delving into an additional theme of secrets, and how they impact our energy, our lives, and our work in the world. Running Iron Pentacle energy now, at the peak of winter, reminds me that I am the keeper of my own boundaries, that my energy is my own.

Ahh, February. You are a harsh mistress, but I am learning so much.