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“And thou who thinketh to seek for me, know thy seeking and yearning
shall avail thee not, unless thou knoweth the mystery; that if that
which thou seekest thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never
find it without thee.For behold, I have been with thee from the
beginning; and I am that which is attained at the end of desire." - The Charge of the Goddess-

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Erato ~ Sister of Eros

b2ap3_thumbnail_Erato-pencil-sketch-lowres.jpgI don't always have much to say about my actual artwork as the Muse presents Herself, but this time I feel compelled to explain. This is a very quick pencil sketch on cheap copy paper, the result of this muse's urgent desire to come forth and be recognized, whether or not I was prepared to receive Her.

The result came off looking more like Lady Liberty than any Goddess I recognized. Except for the wings, and She was pretty insistent about those wings.

It turns out that Erato can be identified by the crown of roses wrapped around her head. Well, there is certainly a crown – and roses. Sometimes my envisioning comes through a bit more literal than the Muse might intend.

After She burst forth and things settled down a bit, I was at least able to add some color with water soluble pencils. Not a masterpiece by any means, but She is happy to be seen.

It seems appropriate to my mortal thinking that nine months after beginning this blog chronicling the aspects of the Goddess as She comes to me in muse, one of the definitive Greek Muses would make Her appearance. After all nine months is our human birthing period.

Erato is the sister of Eros (Cupid). She is the Muse of Lyrical Poetry.  She is one of the nine Muses born to Mnemosyn and Zeus. The muses have been described as intelligent, beautiful, carefree nymphs. They are inspiration, ruling over the arts and sciences, each one responsible for stirring a different genre of creative expression.

The muses were begat for a few very specific reasons. Though their mother was the Goddess of memory, they were tasked with helping people to forget their sorrows. They were also to sing the praises of the Olympian deities in music, poetry and literature.

She is said to be an idealist and optimist, always looking for the positive in any situation. This makes sense, as it was Her arrows that Cupid shot from His bow – and we all know that once stricken by love, we see the object of our desire in only the most positive light. This favorable vision, perhaps, is why it is said that men who follow Erato are desired and worthy of love. Who better loves a man than the woman he showers with adoration?b2ap3_thumbnail_Erato-lowres.jpg

A lesser-known attribute of Erato, however, is Her desire to help all people recognize their potential as storytellers, poets and historians. Now this aspect, I’m thinking, is why She decided to come forth for me.

As sage women and crones, we certainly all have stories to tell. In sharing our own history with others – our experiences and hard earned wisdoms – I think we, too, endeavor to shine a more positive and loving light on the world.In that respect, Erato may well be a patroness and protector of sage women everywhere.

Invoke the Muse Erato to help you tell your story.




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JudithAnn (aka the MAD Goddess) practices the  Old Craft tradition and magical arts of hearth and home.  Through  her writing and art, she encourages women in mid-life and beyond to  embrace their wildest dreams and live the second half of life with  purpose, passion and pizzazz. For those who need a little nudge, she  offers workshops in personal development and life path guidance  using journaling and art for creative self expression.


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