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Living in a sacred landscape, walking between the worlds in the veil of Avalon Glastonbury. Where the old gods roam the hills, and the sidhe dance beneath the moon...wander into the mists with me and let us see what we may find...

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May there be peace! Putting magic to good use...

Over the last few weeks, and not for the first time, I have found myself weeping at the news. There is so much horror in the world. We are left as helpless witnesses to the atrocities of the few wreaking destruction on the many- innocent children, men and women- with little hope of being able to make a real difference. While so many of us are losing faith in our political and other power structures, our awareness of each others perils and tragedies is greater than ever before. What is there to be done? When it comes to the wars and violence that rage over our planet, large and small, ( though is any act of violence ever small?) I no longer care about the arguments, ideaologies, histories, the endless tit for tat- I, like so many others just want the violence to end.

It is time we had a sea change, and moved beyond this endless cycle. Children are dying. If we are spiritual people, then it is our children out there. We are not removed by our physical distance. Our future is growing up in bomb shelters, and refugee camps, starving, traumatized, and without hope. We are slaying our innocence, our future, even by doing nothing. There is no excuse.

I am tired of the anger I feel. The rage that comes when I hear of those children in that plane over Ukraine, those boys on the beach in Gaza, the children tortured in Syria... I find I want to pour retribution upon those who did such deeds, I want the fury of the mothers to tear them to pieces, I want the Morrigan to reach into their hearts and give them such terror that they would never dare to even risk endangering another child ever again...but what use is my anger? Another heart filled with grief and fury in the world...

Instead I would rather be one heart changing...in the hope that there are more of us, and we can make a difference. We can tip the balance.

If we are spiritual people, if we are magical people- what is our magic, our power, our wisdom for? What use are we if we do not try to serve the whole, as best we can, when we can? Sure we need to begin with peace inside, but that doesnt absolve us of responsibility. We can have an agument with someone and still oppose war. We are human, but we are also spirit, and can make small acts of magic that ripple across creation.   

So each night, at 9pm (GMT for me, 9 at your own timezone is fine) I ask you to join me in whatever way suits you, and works within your practice, your tradition or otherwise, to pray, weave magic, set intentions... join me and let us call to the Great Mother by any name to cast a circle of protection around all the children- All of them, all around the world, may they be safe from all harm, this night and day, and every night and day! May the hearts of those who make war change, that the children become the priority they should be. May they lay down their arms and find a way to peace. May the energy in their fury be transformed to find a way beyond war, beyond violence...may all that energy instead go into our evolution away from this horror.      

As the Morrigan, that most misuderstood of goddesses herself says after the slaying of Balor at the end of the second battle of Moytura

'Peace up to heaven, heaven down to earth!' 

This is a wonderful mantra that I use, repeating for a few minutes each night.  Another is the druids call to peace-

'May there be peace in the north, may there peace in the south, may there be peace in the east, may there be peace in the west! May there be peace across the whole world! '

I then focus my magic to specifically protect the children, wherever they may be, and to change the hearts of those who perpetutate violence, that lasting change may occur. 

I have a large white candle that I light each night for this purpose, lighting it in my inner vision in the spirit world at the same time. If I am unable to light it for some reason, when I am away from home, busy with my child or something, I take a few breaths, call in my spirit allies and gods, and light the candle in the Otherworld just the same.... A few minutes magic, each night.

Since posting about this on facebook I've been overwhelemed at the response, and the numbers of people joining me. You dont have to call the Morrigan, or Brighid, or even the Great Mother- call the angels if that works for you, call Buddha, call Odin, Frigg, Holda, Call White Buffalo woman, call Isis, call Yemaya- call them all!

Its important when doing this sort of work, to seperate from it consciously after a set time, so that we do not carry the sorrows of the world so heavily that they harm us. I snuff out the candle after an hour, raise my arms open to my shoulders and then bending at the elbow cross them over my chest, to seal it off when im done.  


It is not enough, and we need to follow up the magic with deeds, with actions, but please, join me. This is what magic is really for. 

Blessed be the children!   



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Danu Forest is a wisewoman in the Celtic Bean Feasa tradition of her Irish ancestors. You could call her many things- witch, seer, walker between the worlds, healer, druid, priestess, teacher, writer, gardener, herbwife, stargazer, faery friend, tree planter, poet, and wild woman. Danu lives in a cottage near Glastonbury Tor in the midst of the Avalon lakes, in the southwest of England. Exploring the Celtic mysteries for over 25 years, and noted for her quality research, practical experience, as well as her deep love of the land, Danu writes for numerous national and international magazines and is the author of several books including Wild Magic, The Druid Shaman, Celtic Tree Magic, Gwyn ap Nudd and The Magical Year'. She teaches regular workshops and online courses and is available for consultations, including healings readings and other ceremonies.


  • Danielle Blackwood
    Danielle Blackwood Thursday, 31 July 2014

    Thank you so much for writing this Danu. I cried reading it. I too weep at the daily news. How can anything else matter when innocents are being murdered? And, if you are so right, what exactly is our magic for, if not creating positive change in the world? Thanks again.

  • Danielle Blackwood
    Danielle Blackwood Thursday, 31 July 2014

    *you are so right* (not "if"you are so right - typo) Of course you're right!

  • Danu Forest
    Danu Forest Thursday, 31 July 2014

    thanks Danielle...magic feels like such a fragile, airy thing when confronted with this subject, but i have to have faith, and it makes me feel just a little more empowered when there is little else that i can do. Besides, all of us together? who knows what our magic could do? Our thoughts shape the world after all! x

  • Helen Hilton
    Helen Hilton Friday, 01 August 2014

    Wonderful! I am starting tonight. May there be peace throughout the whole world!

    Helen xx

  • Ted Czukor
    Ted Czukor Friday, 01 August 2014

    Thank you for this, Danu. We join you as well. Of course, my generation (the 60's one) felt exactly the same way, and expressed it in almost the same words. Why couldn't the rest of the world understand when we said, "When will they ever learn?" and "The answer is blowin' in the wind," and "All we are saying is Give Peace a Chance;" and "War - What is it good for? Absolutely Nothin'!" and "Everybody come together, try to love one another right now."? The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi believed that every world government should have a Ministry of Peace to balance its Ministry of War - that if a few hundred Transcendental Meditators were focusing on Peace in every world capital, the vibrations of the entire world would change.

    Which failure does not mean, of course, that we shouldn't try again - try over and over, in fact, until some basic things actually start to change in this poor benighted dimension of existence. Magic, magical intentions and magical actions seem to be the only tools we have left. We've tried everything else!

  • Danu Forest
    Danu Forest Saturday, 02 August 2014

    Thanks Helen please do join me, and spread the word! Ted- you are so right- but i dont think any of those actions in the past have been in vain- its just such a large task....! every bit HAS made a difference and has lead us here...which is a damn sight better than it would have been has the hippies etc never made the push. There is a lot to be hopeful and thankful for as you know. As a hippie myself i thank you! x

  • Ted Czukor
    Ted Czukor Sunday, 03 August 2014

    And thank you, Danu, for reminding me that nothing is ever wasted and that the efforts of those in the 60's really did make a difference. To quote you, I get tired of the anger (and frustration) I feel, too. It's hard to remember that the Divine uses our work in its own way and in its own time; but it does!
    Blessed Be.

  • Anita Endeman
    Anita Endeman Tuesday, 05 August 2014

    Your prays echo the pain in my heart. To see all these innocent children dying for no reason.
    They are killing there own blood relatives. We are all family.. My heart cries for all of my fellow inhabitants. Please show them the way to find love and peace.
    My daily mantra. Bless be everyone in the world, open your hearts with love and kindness.

  • Lizann Bassham
    Lizann Bassham Tuesday, 05 August 2014

    Thank you.

  • Elizabeth Carver
    Elizabeth Carver Thursday, 07 August 2014

    Since we are all one, we are the victims and the perpetrators. And our task is, as you pointed out, to tip the scales using our power. And yes, none of that fabulous energy that we have been putting toward that goal for so many years is for naught. We will just keep building the cone. All of us together. Blessed Be, all.

  • Danu Forest
    Danu Forest Monday, 01 September 2014

    Thanks all of you for your comments and suppport- i continue the work, and hope you all do too- blessings on the children! x

  • Anthony Gresham
    Anthony Gresham Sunday, 07 September 2014

    Yesterday morning I woke from a dream in which I came across a martial arts roleplaying game in which players take on the role of students in a martial arts school who encounter other martial arts students as well as chinese gods and spirits.

    In one of the dream books by Robert Moss I read that most islamic sects practice some form of dream recall and dream work. He specifically mentioned Alquida and presumably ISIL does as well. If you admit the principle of "as above so below, as below so above" the islamic fundamentalists are fighting on both the physical and spiritual planes. So no matter how badly they are set back in the physical world they will always bounce back because of the mansions they've built up in the spiritual world.

    I remember reading an article in Gnosis magazine about group dreaming. The group agrees that for six weeks in a row they will all try to dream of the same place on the same night; for example Great Serpent Mound on a Wendsday night. There are several stages to the group dream experience. First off is the "Oh Wow, we really can group dream" stage. Later the group encounters and fights their fears. These could be in the form of nazi werewolves, all girl polka bands, or squirrel politicians asking for donations, whatever form they take they'll be attacking you. The final stage is when the group makes contact with the genius loci of the place they are dreaming about. I think there are other stages but these are the only ones I remember. If you can find pictures of the churches, shrines and mosques ISIL has been blowing up you can use these as targets in your group dreaming efforts.

    I've read in a book of lucid dreaming that the skills we practice in the waking world carry over into the dream world. This is where practicing the martial arts would come in handy when fighting your fears in the dream state. If you don't already practice the martial arts and you can't afford lessons check your local library to see what books are available on the subject.

    I read a magazine article: I think it was in Discover magazine, about drought in the middle east being the root of unrest. In addition to fighting in the dream world you can also work to restore the balance between the elements.

    The saints, genus loci, and gods in Syria will probably offer suggestions along with the gods and spirit helpers you usually work with.

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