Bring a sense of adventure, newness, playfulness passion and romance back into your partnership. We need to slow life down, to re-connect and to shower affection on our partner. It's far too easy today to text each other instead of gaze into the eyes of our loved one. Or we become swamped by social media and abandon the art of talking to our mate. Our appointments books are filled with thing to do and people to see except for the person who holds our heart. Take time, make a date, or two or three fro one of the most important people in you life. During courtship you built a foundation of love and trust, we mustn't' allow that to slip away from us through the cracks of stress and modern society. Life is not all about how much money we make or who we know in the business world.

 This will start a small series of articles to help couple re-connect with each other. (with a break to write an article on our pirate wedding that took place on May 31st)


Our bodies are designed as a grand mandala of energy described as "Chi", "life force" or "vital energy". Our Chi flows through the body in meridians or Zen lines and these energy pathways bring life to each organ and system that contributes to our homeostasis, or well being. If our Chi is blocked, deficient or excessive, our health is negatively impacted. Sex lifts the spirits, boosts circulation and stimulates our immune system and much more. The Hindu tradition says sex stimulates Kundalini, the dormant energy or life force that lies coiled at the base of the spine or the sacrum, encompassing the area between the tailbone and the top of the genitals. The word sacrum is rooted in the Latin name 'sacer' meaning "sacred" and refers to the high honor sexual union can have. When Kundalini is awakened energy flows up the spine to the brain and can stimulate a higher sense of consciousness and enlightenment. Combine that flow of life force with the joy of true love and we can create a state of beauty on Earth known as Urantia.

Our brain is the ultimate sex organ and its function is greatly improved from sexual activity via an intense discharge of electrical energy in the limbic cortex or the "hind brain". Orgasm relaxes the muscles and leads brain waves into an alpha state of creativity, or the theta state of deep sleep that leads to being powerfully energized upon awakening. Our body's hormones and other chemicals react to physiological processes like the Moon's effect has on the ocean causing the rise and egg of the tides.

Tantra, or Tantric sex can add to your ecstasy, bliss and sexual encounters shared with a loved and trusted partner, but it can also be an intimidating subject to approach if one hopes to follow the spiritual tradition that is over 1,500 years old. However utilizing even a few of the "sky dancing" techniques found in the "twilight language" and making them more accessible to our Western culture will increase your enjoyment with your partner and aid us in honoring each other.

We must learn to slow down our over active Western life, to change the average American style of sex that is generally limited to a little foreplay and then "friction sex". We need to incorporate slow sex at time, to be present, build anticipation, excitement and prolong arousal. We need to learn to read, feel and see energy, that of our own and of our partners, to rediscover sexual energy and to find the joy in releasing our flow of Chi or Kundalini.

Just a few tips to create an intimate atmosphere and get in the frame of mind to share yourself fully with your partner.

 Colors can affect the psyche and the Chi or life force. What you wear or how the area in which your lovemaking takes place can set the stage for emotions.


Pink--passion of red muted with the purity of white

Peach-passion of red with wisdom of yellow--these colors are good for the early years of a relationship.

Blue, yellow and white are more friendly colors than sexual.

Arousing colors are reds, ambers, oranges and purples. Men generally find red the most erotic while women are more attracted to violet. Keep in mind that too much red in a setting can overstimulate and spark arguments.

Water is both a powerful healer and aphrodisiac. Drinking water nourishes the body and bathing, swimming, showering, or standing beneath a waterfall satisfies the body with feelings of weightlessness and tactile sensations as it glides over our skin.

While the bedroom is called the Temple of Love, the bathroom is called the Altar of Sensuality

Create your bathroom space with natural light or open to the air as much as possible. Use warm lighting such as a soft red or yellow bulb instead of the harsh glare most bathroom have. Compliment your own coloring with wall paint and decor. Keep it tidy. Keep bath salt, natural bubble bath, essential oils and soft sea sponges near the tub/shower. They will imbue the room with delicate aromas and lend a sensual air to the surroundings.


Bathing together promotes intimacy and love building therapy for your relationship by eroding inhibitions towards each other.


Share a scented bath and read to each other, sip your favorite wines or drinks, listen to music, feed each other fruits, cheeses, nuts or chocolate. Practice shared breath work and the Erotic Gaze (talked about later). You can shower together and share mutual washing, stretching, singing or talk about issues of the day. Massage and sexual play can be a big part of your time together in the sensual glide of water surrounding you. An overnight stay at a spa or hot springs resort can offer a much needed sensuous break from stress and boost your passion for each other, (turn off the cell phones and computers) Even a foot bath for your partner with scented water will pamper and promote passion and love.