In today's Watery Wednesday we are featuring Community News of our Pagan communities and allies. Salem's next door neighbors; solitary Samhain; witchy shopping in NYC; Circle Sanctuary celebrates; Southern Pagans.

Salem's next door neighbor -- Danvers, MA -- hasn't cashed in on the Witch craze (at least yet.) Discover what the Other Salem thinks of all the hoopla in this profile.

Are you going to be alone for Halloween/Samhain (by chance or by choice)? This ritual is designed for you.

Getting in some last minute witchy shopping before the holidays? The New York Post (of all people) has a nice profile of an excellent witch shop in New York City.

Circle Sanctuary celebrates its 40th anniversary this week -- what a great achievement!

Thought that there were no Pagans in the American South? This positive slideshow and story highlights some of the more public Pagans in Alabama.