On this Fiery Tuesday, the PaganNewsBeagle humbly presents stories of activism and religion here at the close of the very fraught year of 2014. Pagans ponder#BlackLivesMatter; an indigenous view of #BlackLivesMatter; restorative justice vs. police violence; should there be humanist chaplains in the military; are Pagans a net loss to the environmental cause?

How have our Pagan and allied communities reacted to the #BlackLivesMatter campaign? This Wild Hunt article covers the avalanche of responses from bloggers, organizations, and institutions.

Leanne Simpson at Yes! magazine offers an indigenous activist's view of the #BlackLivesMatter campaign.

This Native American activist turned to restorative justice after his brother died at the hands of Seattle police.

The Religious News Service interviews Jason Heap, who wants to be the Navy's first humanist chaplain.

John Halstead wonders: do we Pagans hurt the environmental movement by our association with it?