Howdy, fellow Witches&Pagans.

Today is Friday the 13th (third one this year) so today we are focusing on superstition, science, and what makes seemingly irrational ideas work. How can we, who often employ magic and other "non-rational" methods, integrate our beliefs in a largely secular world?

First up, this post at IFLScience describes the math behind patterns of Friday the 13th.

Next, Bloomberg Business describes a recent study that explains how superstitions work -- turns out our brains are perfectly capable of holding more than one idea at a time, especially when we are under stress.

Magic and divination being used to predict the outcome of elections? It's a real thing in Burma.

Sometimes, magic (especially folk magic such as "Old Wives tales") have a basis that science can verify. This new book reveals how the wisdom passed down from the past holds up in today's world.

Want some magical realism in your reading? This article at Bustle will introduce you to new magical worlds that seem very close to our everyday lives. Perfect reading for Friday the 13th!