Loads of earthy, Gaian stories today: ancient trees, blackberry wisdom, saving predators and pondering the vegan/carnivore ecological conundrum. Check them out below.

A yew tree in the corner of a Welsh churchyard is said to be 5,000 years old. Our Neolithic ancestors were as fascinated by it as we are.

Blackberry is a rowdy, rough, prickly plant, but it holds sweetness and good medicine for those willing to get a little bit scratched. Here's the lessons I learned from it.

Neolitic stone monument Carwynnen Quoit in Cornwall is standing proud again for the first time in half a century thanks to the efforts of a community group. Was it once a place of worship?

"Devouring the World." A former vegan who now hunts deer is troubled by what it takes to put food on our plates in this article at Aeon magazine.

Wildlife biologist (and PanGaia columnist) Dr. Cristina Eisenberg muses about creating a safety net for the carnivores and other large animals that routinely cross national borders.