It's Monday here at the PaganNewsBeagle, the day we celebrate the Element of Air. Today we have academic research on Harry Potter, the linguistics of sacred space, how culture influences auditory hallucinations, and a grisly discovery that's attributed to ancient Germanic rituals. Enjoy!

Does reading Harry Potter books make kids less prejudiced about immigrants? This article details recent social science research that suggests the answer.

Where do we get the term "sacred space" and what does it mean? Sarah Veale examines the Greek and Latin roots of the phrase for an answer.

Does "hearing voices" always indicate mental illness? The answer to this question -- and the best way to respond to auditory hallucinations -- might be significantly a matter of culture, not biochemistry. A fascinating article describes how culture shapes psychiatry and religion.

Enjoy science? Interested in the ancient Greeks? Then you'll enjoy the new museum dedicated to Archimedes that just opened in ancient Olympia, Greece.

An archaeology dig in Denmark has revealed what researchers say are startling pre-Christian Pagan rituals.