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The End of the World As We Know It....?

Here is the transcript of the fourth and final 2012 FREE MP3 Meditation. 

To listen to this lesson and meditation, or any of the previous ones, go to:


Winter Solstice



Welcome to the fourth and final 2012 Meditation Vision working, an empowered ritual done in vision to attune to the shifting energies associated with the new consciousness associated with the the end of the Mayan Calendar upon the Winter Solstice of 2012. Each of the visions have been based upon of the solar festivals and the direction they are associated with, though attuning them with the elements and astrological signs based upon this new alignment, with Aquarius in the east, Taurus in the south, Leo in the west and Scorpio in the north. The alignment can be challenging for some, but the challenge can help us align and transform. 

Each of the recorded meditations have been preceded by a lesson associated with the 2012 phenomenon. The first focused on the concept of the Great Year in general, sacred calendars and specifically the  Procession of the Equinoxes. The second looked specifically at the Age of Aquarius. The third was based on the Hindu concept of the Yugas. This fourth and final lesson is on the shifting Pole Star that occurs during the Procession of the Equinoxes and the Galactic alignment occurring in 2012. For those who have not listen to these previous lessons, or read about them on my Pagansquare blog, By Hand, Head and Heart, it might be helpful to do so before going on to this lesson. 

While I planned to have this meditation done much sooner, sometimes we don't know what we are waiting for, and now, in retrospect, I know I was waiting to experience a ritual at the Between the Worlds conference put on by the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel in Wilmington, Delaware. I had no idea that this was the last in a series of five gatherings at astrological points with the intention to harmonize with this shift of the ages when I was asked to present, I found myself at the right place, right time and with the right people to do this work. I found so much wonderful corroboration on what I was doing in the Temple of Witchcraft, and great new information and teachings to inspire further development. Part of the ritual was to consciously choose to step into the Age of Aquarius, to leave behind the Age of Pisces. Regardless of correct date, if there is such a thing, make the conscious choice to make this time the end if the world as we know it. Just as modern solstice rituals can occur both before and after to harmonize, let's use this time to establish the intention of a new age and live that way.

The final teaching deals with the axis of the Earth and the alignment with the Galactic center. As the Procession of the Equinoxes is caused by a wobble in the Earth's axis, that wobble creates a change in the Pole Star. The angular radius of the axis of change is about 23.5 degrees. We tend to think of Polaris as “THE” north star, but that hasn't always been so. The north star changes with the wobble, and the Earth is more often “between” north stars than pointing directly with one. The wobble is somewhat erratic and chaotic, as a wobble, so there is not a clear and equitable pattern of north stars, but mythos and history shows that particular stars have been venerated as the North Star, and many occultist believe it plays a role in the consciousness of the planet, much like the Great Months of the Procession of the Equinoxes. The combination of North Stars and Great Months can create particular manifestations of consciousness. The North Star is seen as the top of the axis mundi, the World Tree or cosmic axis. The North Star is seen as the eternal sun, the sun beyond the sun. 

The north pole reaches its optimum point with Polaris in 2095 AD, but in two thousand years, there will be no specific Pole Star, just as there wasn't a Pole Star two thousand years ago. 

The stars potentially associated with the North Star include: 

Star           Bayer Name        Date    

Vega            Alpha Lyrae             12000 BC        

Rijl al Jathiya Iota Herculis           10500 BC        

Rukbalgethi Shemal  Tau Herculis            8000 BC

Edasich         Iota Draconis           5000 BC

Thuban          Alpha Draconis    2700 BC

Kochab          Beta Ursae Minoris    1100 BC

Polaris         Alpha Ursae Minoris 2100 AD

Alrai           Gamma Cephei    4100 AD

Alfirk          Beta Cephei             5700 AD

Alderamin               Alpha Cephei       7500 AD

Deneb           Alpha Cygni       10,000 AD       

Rukh            Delta Cygni        11000 AD        

Vega            Alpha Lyrae        14000 AD        



While there are more than twelve stars that can be considered near the path of the celestial pole, esoteric lore tends to say there are five major pole stars, but no source agrees on what they are. Technically the celestial pole only crosses two stars exactly, Thuban (Alpha Draconis ) and Tau Herculis. Many bright stars are near its path, including our current North Star polaris, which comes very close to it. 

Kochab (Beta Ursae Minoris) and Perkhab (Gamma Ursae Minoris) are considered the “Guardians of the Pole” though Kochab can be considered a pole star. 

One could look at the brightest five stars, which would be: 







Or look at the five closest to the path of the celestial pole:


Tau Herculis





But the most esoteric lore is associated with five “alpha” stars: 


Polaris (Alpha Ursae Minoris)Little Bear

Al Deramin (Alpha Cephei)King Cepheus

Deneb (Alpha Cygni)Swan

Vega (Alpha Lyrae)Lyre

Thuban (Alpha Draconis)Dragon


Draco and Ursa Minor are both within the circle of celestial pole's movements, making some of the dominant themes in the myth of Pole Star “ages” as Dragons and Bears. It is believed that the occultists of modern occult revival in Britain saw the generations between Uther Pendragon and Arthur Pendragon as a story not depicting single generations of humans, but a shift in celestial ages and the associated shift in consciousness, from the Dragon Kings, when the Pole Star was Thuban, to the Bear Kings, then the Pole star became Polaris.  As Draco is the Dragon, Ursa Minor, the Little Dipper is also known as the Little Bear. 

As occult and Theosophical lore often teaches of a Manu, or World King, guiding a nation or guiding the entire planet, this shift in the pole can indicate a shift in the  energies of the world King, and how the Sacred King relates to the the goddess as Queen. The mysteries of many ancient cultures are believed to be linked to orders of Priest-Kings, responsible for keeping balance upon Earth. We see this not only in the myths of King Arthur, but all the way back to ancient Egypt and Sumer. 

While the most detailed lore is around the Dragon and Bear as depicted in Arthurian Myth, there is quite a bit of ancient myth and folk lore on the Swan. When looking at these five stars, we can speculate as to their role in understanding the the mysteries of the Pole Star and the traditions of secret kings and queens in spiritual evolution. 

Al Deramin means “right arm” referring to the right arm of the King Cepheus. Cepheus is the only human constellations in the five major processional constellations. The last time it was the pole star was roughly in 18,500 BC. While this is in the Stone Age, one could see the energy of the King Star influencing the development of tribal chieftains and leaders. 

Deneb is the brightest star of Cygnus. It was last the pole star around 16,000 BC and will be again in 10,000 AD. Cygnus is the swan, and Deneb is often considered the tail of the swan, though some earlier interpretations might see it as a chicken or vulture. There is quite a bit of evidence to show the importance of Cygnus to ancient stone age people, as a gateway of souls in and out of the world. Much of this lore is detailed in the book, The Cygnus Mystery by the somewhat controversial Andrew Collins. Collins associates the lore of Cygnus with the Bird Shamans, and those associated with the fallen angel mythos. 

Vega was the pole star in 12,000 BC. Vega is the primary star of the constellation Lyra. Lyra the lyre or harp in Greek myth and culture, but represented by a vulture in Egypt and India.In Wales, it was King Arthur's harp. The harp imagery lends itself well to the understanding of music, poetry and the inspired arts as an important factor in leadership and understanding. 

Thuban was the pole star when mainstream archeology dates the building of the pyramids, around 2700 BC. This is also the time period of Stonehenge's building and New Grange in Ireland. At this time occultist would say the Dragon Kings ruled, until finally they gave way to a new leadership, to those of the Bear star. 

The North Pole and North Star play a significant role in our understanding of where we are from and where we are going. It is often seen as the “top” of the World Tree, the cosmic axis, and represents a realm of spiritual energy. While the seven planets play a strong role in astrological magick, some think the seven stars of the little dipper are the true powers behind the archetype of seven. 

While the pole star will change, within the radius of that change is found Draco and Ursa Minor, the Dragon and Bear, emphasizing their important and power. And with our new astrological alignment, placing Water and Scorpio in the Northern quarter, you might find that the energies of Scorpio are very conducive to the imagery of the Dragon. 

It can also be pointed out that if you are strictly following the astrological mandala of western astrology, you can, and perhaps should, flip the axis of Scorpio/Taurus. The astrological mandala strangely puts East, or the ascendent on the left side of the circle, with north or the nadir, at the bottom, west or the descendant on the right, and south or the midheaven at the top. The zodiac moves cyclically around widdershins, or counterclockwise. If you place Aquarius in the east, you will have Taurus in the North, Leo still in the West and Scorpio in the south. Yet that often seems “off” to the modern practitioner, looking for the ring of the Zodiac to move clockwise around a ritual circle. The ritual I went to this past weekend certainly used the zodiac in a clockwise order. The guidance I originally received on how to structure these meditations ended with Scorpio in the North, so that is the pattern I've followed. But a part of Aquarius is to be innovative and open to new ideas, so in the future, feel free to shift this axis, or even work counterclockwise, and see what happens to you. 


Galactic Alignment

One of the last factors associated with the end of the 2012 Mayan cycle is the “Galactic Alignment” on the winter solstice. We are said to align with the Sun and Galactic Center, making many people believe either the enlightenment will bring miraculous consciousness expansion with an outpouring of psychic energy form the galactic center, or release some apocalyptic end. What is occurring is probably less dramatic than what most people think. 

The Milky Way is our own galaxy, and encircles the Earth. It is “wider” in the region of Sagittarius constellation because its saucer shape of the galaxy creates a “bulge” that appears in Sagittarius. The Galactic Equator is the mid-line running down the Milky Way, though many would argue it is difficult to precisely agree where the Milky Way starts and stops, so drawing an exact equator is impossible. Those who believe they have calculated it would actually say that the precise alignment happened on the winter solstice of 1998, though it takes about 36 years to “precess” out of this zone, which started at 1980 and will end in 2016. This zone of alignment with the Winter solstice only happens every 26000 years, as part of the processional cycle. Within the Galactic Center is a black hole, considered an entry way and exit for spiritual energies. Some believe the alignment with this center, along with stresses from other planetary forces in our solar system, are the reason for increased tectonic activities on Earth. 

The alignment is occurring in Sagittarius, and Sagittarius is a sign of higher education, philosophy and most importantly freedom. It is a sign of optimism, inspiration, ideals and travel to foreign lands. In the Temple of Witchcraft, we associated the teacher with Sagittarius, the one who teaches us how to go beyond. We can use this alignment to increase the depth of our experience, and to embrace true freedom on the spiritual level. 

So as we prepare for the fourth and final of these meditations, keep in mind the concepts taught both in this lesson and in the previous. As above, so below, cycle and patterns repeat. The Great Year is simple a variation of the cycles and season we are already familiar with, but on a cosmic level. Many culture have looked at the measurement of large cycles of times, and many consider right now to be some sort of threshold of change. Change doesn't mean instant enlightenment any more than it means apocalyptic calamity. When we hit the Winter Solstice any year, it doesn't immediately bring snow, it simply means a tipping point in the cycle has been reached, and depending on where you live, perhaps snow is more likely. 

The Great Year shift is caused by the wobble in the axis of the Earth, and while the wobble causes a shift of cosmic “months” it also causes a change in the Pole Star, both of which affect consciously, mythos and religion upon Planet Earth. And the end of this Mayan Cycle of counting time possibly corresponds with both an approximate shift of the age and the galactic alignment period. 

Don't get too hung up on the idea of the world ending, either in a physical reality or a spiritual one. The world is constantly ending. Most cultures have had their doomsday predictions and apocalypse scenarios, in religion or in story. The world ends, at least one version of it, every time you close your eyes and go to another world. A new day is a potential to remake your world. Let's just look at this as an opportunity to re-envision the world where we live. 

The ritual puts together all of the previous ones, so it can be done as a practice entirely on its own before, during and after the Winter Solstice of 2012. 


Winter Solstice





Start by relaxing all the muscles in your body. Breathe deep, in and out. Relax the muscles in your head and neck. Relax the muscles in your shoulders and arms. Relax your chest. Relax you back. Relax your belly and your lower back. Relax your hips. Relax your legs, down through to your feet, down to the tips of your toes. Allow all of your body to relax and be at peace with each breath. 


Relax your thoughts. Allow all unwanted thoughts to float away like white wispy clouds. 

Relax your heart. Open your heart to love. 

Relax into your soul. Feel the spark of divinity aligned within you. 



Meditative State 

Count Down from 12 to 1 visualized, then 13 to 1, without visuals. 

We call upon the Goddess, God and Great Spirit to guide this work and protect us from all harm. 

We call this work be for the highest good, harming none. 

So mote it be. 


Alignment with the Three Selves

Breathe in through the three selves. Breath in through the heart. Say, “I am the Namer.”

Breathe in through the feet and base of the spine. Say, “I am the Shaper.”

Breathe in through the crown. Say, “I am the Watcher.”


Connect all three breaths at the Heart

“I am the three in one

I am the one in three.

As it was, as it is, as it always shall be. 

Blessed be.”


Alignment with the Three Rays

Invoke the three primal forces into the three selves. 

By a Straight Line

By the First Ray

By the Red Ray

I call forth the Red Angelic Fires

I invoke Power and  Will

All is possible. 


Feel the straight red line descend from the stars through your body and into the depths of the world. 


By a Bent Line

By the Second Ray

By the Blue Ray

I call forth the Blue Faery Flame

I invoke Love and Trust

All is one. 

Feel the blue spiral of light descend from the heavens around the red ray filling you and grounding into the underworld. 


By a Crooked Line

By the Third Ray

By the Yellow Ray

I call forth the Golden Witch Fire

I invoke Wisdom and Cunning

All is Known. 

Feel the yellow lighting strike descend from the realm above and run through your spine, descending into the realm below. 

So mote it be. 



Facing the Direction

Face the North, the direction of the Winter Solstice. 

North, the Axis of the Stars . 

It is the Winter Solstice, the dawn of light. 

It is Yule, the darkness night before the light begins to grow again. The Sun is moving from the tropical sign of Sagittarius, the archer and centaur, to the tropical sign of Capricorn, the Horned Goat god. We align with the sign of Scorpio, the great mystery of life and death, the transformer of matter and spirit, fixed water. 


Evocation of the Sign and Element

We evoke you, power of Scorpio, guardian of the gates of spirit and matter. The fixed sign of Scorpio is ruled by the element of Water. Scorpio is the energy of transformation, of mystery, of sex and death. Scorpio's water is mystery expressed in desire, to seek that which is lost, missing or unknown. Scorpio is the scorpion, or rather the drop of poison within, as well as the serpent, shedding its skin and the eagle. Ultimately Scorpio is the phoenix. 


By the power of elemental water and the stars of Scorpio, we welcome you.

By the Watcher Star Antares

We call to you. 

Hail and welcome. 


Opening of the Gateway Pentagram

Draw a five pointed star, envisioned in blue light, starting from the upper left point to the upper right, down to the bottom left, to the top point to the bottom right and back to the upper left point. Draw a clockwise circle around the star, creating a pentacle. Open the Gate of Water. 


Bathing in the Element and Season

Through the stargate, feel the blessings of the water. Feel the power of elemental water, cool and wet, entering through the portal, bearing the blessings of emotion, love, healing and dreams. Feel the waves of astral power come through, healing your heart. This blessing urges you to transform, letting go of the old to become the new. You feel the blessings of love to make it safe enough to change, and embody true love, Agape, Perfect Love. Accept this blessing of love and compassion. It will guide you to the true heart's desire. 


Vision of the Past/Future Age of the Sign

As the compassion comes over you, you think of the last age of Scorpio. Said to be the peak of the Age of Atlantis, right as the corruption really began and the spirit descent became the reality. Despite the destruction, its end, with the seeds of its destruction in Scorpio, shared its wisdom with the world. Whenever we need to let go, we work with the waters of Scorpio. Envision the ancient world of this sacred land in beauty, for even the start of the descent of a magnificent kingdom still gives you the magnificent. What of this time must we bring into our current age? 

Waves of compassion flow over you through the norther winter  stargate. Allow yourself to envision yourself in the world, fulfilling your true heart's desire. What must you let go of, leave behind, shed to enter into the New Aeon? Who will you be in this great age? 


Communion with the Guardian

Through the gate you'll see and feel the light of the star Antares. Allow that light to flow to you. You might fell it enter your root or heart chakra, opening the way for the highest self to be anchored within you bodily temple. 

Through the light of the gateway,  a figure can take shape. Who or what is guarding the gate of Scorpio? What guardian of the fire portal will commune with you, teach you, heal you? The classic archangel is Gabriel, the keeper of water and messages, though totem of the water, deities of the Moon and sea and guides of waters and the heart who flow with the blessings of Antares might manifest. Commune with the guardian. 


Alignment with the Galactic Center

As we move closer to the Galactic Center, find yourself coming into alignment with this vast storehouse of blessing. You are a medium, a channel for this blessing to be grounded into the world, into the consciousness of humanity and beyond. You can help channel this blessing into the realm of animals, plants, minerals and the etheric vibrations that support all the gardens of the Earth. Prepare your channel for this flow of blessings, for this power, wisdom and love. Feel all that does not serve, all that would block this flow, being dissolved away now in preparation. Be in your truth and inspiration. Follow the true knowledge within and you will be prepared. 


Symbol or Key Word

Through this process, the alignment, the guardian, the visions and the healings, you might receive a key to bring into your consciousness, to guide you for this season, and to share with others. What key word or phrase, symbol or image to you divinely receive to prepare for the New Aeon? 


Pole Stars

Feel your alignment with the pole star, Polaris, the guiding light of this age. It is the star of the Little Bear, for we still live in the Time of Arthur, the Bear King. The Once and Future King must return within us all, all soverign of our lives. Feel the royal blood of the stars awaken in your veins, and think back to the time when the pole was ruled by Thuban and the Dragon Kings, by Vega and the Poet Kings, By Deneb and the Swan Kings and by Al Deramin and the First Kings. All the wisdom of the cycle is yours now, awakened through the stars in the blood. 


Four Gates

Think of Eastern Gate, Aquarius, Marker of this Age. 

Think upon any symbol or keys given at the Eastern Gate.

Feel the Eastern Gate of Air, of Aquarius open

Feel the Guardian come through and commune with you. 



Think of the Souther Gate, Taurus, Fixed Earth

Think upon any symbol or keys given at the Southern Gate.

Feel the Southern Gate of Earth, of Taurus, open

Feel the Guardian come through and commune with you. 



Think of the Western Gate, Leo, Fixed Fire

Think upon any symbol or keys given at the Western Gate

Feel the Western Gate of Fire, of Leo, open

Feel the Guardian come through and commune with you.

All four gates opened with you in the center.

All four gates opened, with the pole star and Galactic center both flowing into you. 

All four gates opened, as the Age turns

While you, the true you, the Bornless One, sits in the center beyond, 

Your body, your life, your planet all shifts into the Aeon of Aquarius




Thanks and Release

When you feel the process is complete, thank all entities and energies that have worked with you at this time. 


Closing the Gateway Pentagram


By the power of elemental Water and the stars of Aquarius, we thank and release you. 

By the Watcher Star Antares

We thank you. 

Hail and farewell. 


Envision the star gate drawing another five pointed star. Start at the upper right point and move across to the upper left point, downward to the lower right point, up to the top of the star, down to the lower left point and upward again to the upper right point where you began. Draw a counterclockwise circle around the star, closing the primary gate to the North. 

We thank the stars, guaridans and spirits of the Western Gate of Fire, Leo

Hail and farewell


We thank the stars, guardians and spirits of the Southern Gate of Earth, Taurus

Hail and farwell


And we tahnk the stars, guardians and spirits of the Eastern Gate of Air, Aquarius

Hail and farewell.


Count Up

Count Up from 1 to 13 then 1 to 12, no visuals for either.  

We thank the Goddess, God and Great Spirit for this blessings. 



Ground yourself as needed. Feel the energies flowing in you enter and store in the blood and bones, but any excess that is unnecessary for your well being, flow down through your feet, your roots, into the earth, for the earth's own alignment with the Galactic Center. 


Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

Blessed be. 


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