There is a practice that has been repeated often enough by some of our covens that it has begun the process of crossing that nebulous line into the territory of something that we think of as one of our traditions. There are many people in our covens, and our extended community, who practice some healing modality. Whether it is a healing ritual, a hands-on energy healing method, herbal remedies, a shamanic intervention, or any of a number of other approaches, the actual healing work tends to occur once injury or illness has taken place.


Our practice, soon to be a tradition, is to prepare for health challenges prior to their occurrence. If you already have a focus on holistic approaches and wellness, you may be nodding your head in agreement with the value of maximizing optimal health as a way of life. One of the perennial truths regarding health is to find the diet that works for you, the physical activities that increase your vitality, and the type and quantity of rest that serves you best. However, that is not what we mean in this particular case about preparing for health challenges.


Modern healthcare uses a wide range of invasive procedures, many of which are scheduled rather than spontaneous. Examples of these procedures include gall bladder surgery, knee replacement, extraction of wisdom teeth, hernia repairs, heart ablations, and so on. Even in those situations that are rapidly moving, it often takes a day or more to schedule surgery or other sorts of procedures. What this means is that there is time to do a ritual, a preparation for healing, prior to a scheduled procedure.  I don’t have an exact number, but we’ve done somewhere around 12 of these rituals. So far, everyone has reported great benefit from these preparatory healing sessions.


The core of this type of ritual is to make sure that the person has all the energy, emotional support, and openness to receiving spiritual blessings that they can hold. This way they enter into the procedure in a stronger and more vital state being. It is somewhat comparable to a long distance runner loading up on carbs a few days before a marathon to have the energy needed to sustain them. Or you can think of it as making sure a car has all the fuel, fluids, and tune up it needs to run smoothly. It is also like packing a bag with food, water, and tokens of home, for the person about to embark on an important journey.


The ritual we do uses the Four Elements as the medium for the empowerment of the person because it resonates with the context of our Tradition. Sometimes, we also charge a stone or an object to take with them or to place by their bed. I don’t describe our ritual here, because it truly needs to arise from your ways to be the most effective. In accordance with your view of things, you may choose a different approach. Some options include a charging of the Chakras, a filling of the Cauldrons, intoning healing Runes, aligning the Three Selves, or whatever makes the most sense to you that covers all the bases.


There is also a very powerful support to healing that comes from knowing that people cared enough to gather together to show love and solidarity. Going into a medical procedure accompanied by these emotional and spiritual blessings, can change how the person responds to the whole experience. It is common to struggle with the issues that surround asking for and receiving help, and a pre-healing ritual addresses these directly. This type of ritual also makes it easier to follow through with any help that is needed after procedures and during the healing process. My personal experience is that there are tangible benefits to all that are involved in these rituals. In addition to the good that is done through magickal/energetic means, this practice also helps to build bonds of community and friendship.