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Finding the Masculine in Goddess Spiral: Anthology Update

"The moon shone brightly, and I knew that She was watching over me. I knew Her to be more than anything and everything, and I felt Her upon my face, my body, and my heart." - Entry from Finding the Masculine in Goddess Spiral, a soon to be published anthology by Immanion Press.

July 30th came faster than I could imagine. Now, with deadline passed, over 30 submissions sit before me, the task at hand: to curate and edit, Finding the Masculine in Goddess'  Spiral: Men in Ritual, Community, and Service to the Goddess

Some have asked "which Goddess" does the title refer to, and if men really need their own anthology? The Goddess referred to in the title is every Goddess and all Goddesses, and even Goddess as synonym for "pagan community." In this decidedly pantheistic and inclusive web; Goddess, spirits, ancestors, and yes even "the God" are the subject of writing so intimate that it warranted it's own home.  Finding The Masculine in Goddess' Spiral articulates the exploration of men and their relationship with the Goddess through personal essays and articles that detail how men come to know the Goddess, and ways they have worked through challenges and obstacles being a man within the Pagan movement in an empowered manner and voice.

I am pleased to also announce that YesheRabbit Matthews has written a brief forward, speaking in the voice of the Goddess to Her sons of where we have been. Ivo Dominguez, Jr. has provided the afterward, in a piece titled Vessels and Mirrors reflecting on what happens next. 

I have been asked why I chose a woman to write the forward to a "men's anthology." I chose Rabbit due to her long association with feminist Goddess community, having served many years as a high priestess with Z.Budapest. Today she heads up CAYA Coven, the coven of inclusion in San Francisco's East Bay. I wanted to set a tone that all are welcome in the circle, and I wanted someone known for their Goddess work to aspect the Goddess and write from that point of view. She has brilliantly offered opening words.

There are no words to really quantify how grateful I am that Ivo wrote an afterward. It was important to me that a long standing and respected elder within our community be the sage voice that ends the book. Since 1978 and possibly earlier, Ivo has been a priest of the Goddess, with the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel and The New Alexandrian Library Project as  testament to his living tradition and excellence in community leadership. If there is one pagan elder I look up to most, it is Ivo. Together both pieces bookend the past and the future, with the writings of many men brilliantly articulating the now. 

I am profoundly humbled and honored to have this opportunity to bring these stories about the Goddess as we know Her to the wider Pagan community. To have their trust in authentically representing voice and truth.  From Christopher Penczak to David Salisbury, Devin Hunter and Gede Parma, Storm Faerywolf and David Oliver King, and many more, together on this journey of strength, brotherhood, and love comes Finding the Masculine in Goddess Spiral: Men in Ritual, Community and Service to the GoddessThese are the voices that lift up in song and praise, and articulate a new voice in both the overarching men's movement, and also within our community as seekers. Love endures when we give equal measure to humankind, and this anthology endeavors to offer that.

I am constantly reminded that Love is still the Law and that love is always stronger than fear! Men have fearlessly shared, and I now I humbly edit and prepare this work of LOVE for the broader community. 

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Erick DuPree is a published author, mantra and meditation teacher, and yogi in the Philadelphia area, who seeks to discover the intricacies of life through a Tantric lens. He weaves heart centered practices with ancient Goddess mysteries, holistic healing and art to create better living.


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