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Entering the Akashic Records



This entry is an unusual blog for me. I got the opportunity to spend a lot of time this summer, at the International New Age Trade Show, with Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw, owners of Coventry Creations. Copper Cauldron, Willow Tree Press, Wicked Witch Studios and Coventry shared booth space and had a great time.

Author always like to talk about upcoming projects, and I learned of Jacki and Patti's new book, DIY Akashic Wisdom, Access the Library of your Soul. Since then I've been lucky to get a sneak preview and look forward to its release on Tuesday, October 1, 2013. It will be available on Amazon and your local retailers can order it through Red Wheel Weiser and their distributors.

For those unfamiliar with this dynamic duo, Jacki Smith also authored award winning Coventry Magic 2011. She is a Spiritual counselor, Akashic Records reader and healer, and radio show host of KIMradio, Jacki contributes articles to in Retailing Insight, a trade publication for the new age industry regularly. Patty Shaw also authored award winning Healers Almanac, Wisdom of the 21st Century Goddesses and is a certified Spiritual Counselor through UCM since 1992, Reiki Master, Akashic Record reader and healer. Patty co-directs and teaches at her School of Akashic Healing. You can learn more about Patty at, The ladies also co-own Coventry Creations, est. in 1992, which is known for its inspirational candles that help us create our own reality.

Yesterday, Jacki and Patty visited Lisa J Smith where they talked about how the Akashic records help us.




Christopher: Do your beliefs and experiences with the records differ from others, such as Edgar Cayce? Where did the term originate and who coined it? 

Jacki and Patty: We have seen a lot of similarities between our experience in the Akashic records and other explorers. The camaraderie helps validate our travels, since they are largely in our own heads. We do find common ground among our contemporaries rather than people who’ve use the Akashic records before us, say 100 years ago. We think that this is an evolutionary shift in people. Collectively we are all ready to play in the records in a more interactive way and not just use them as an information repository. Edgar Cayce, known as the sleeping prophet was not able to be in the records and stay in the world at the same time, so he used trance to create that bridge. We do not need to do this any longer and this has afforded us the luxury of having a conversation with the records for ourselves and on behalf of our clients.

Christopher: Do you think they are really "records" or is this a symbol for the information? Are there other symbols used in other religions and cultures for accessing the same information? 

Jacki and Patty: We experience them as records with a room, bookshelves, furniture and more, but we know that we are being given visions that are purely created by our imagination. The Akasha is a dimension, but we believe its pure energy that response to our impulses and acts more reflectively than literally. Honestly spirit uses our experiences to create the amazing things we see in the Akashic records. Otherwise all the rooms would be the same and never change. Each and every person describes their Akashic experience differently and the rooms change to match our mood, lesson and needs. Very much like Hogwarts room of requirement.

The most common symbol we’ve read about in other religions and cultures regarding the records is a book or books. The Torah, Bible, Koran, Aquarian Gospel all refer to the book of life where all our actions are recorded and we were judged by them after we died. The Koran talks about Allah’s Book of Remembrances. There is a legend of “Tables of Destiny” in ancient Mesopotamia where the fate of all creation is recorded. All of these “books” and tablets were only accessed by God or the gods. Now we have been given permission to look into the records for ourselves and we’re pretty darn excited about it.

Christopher: What was your most powerful personal experience in working with the Akashic records? 

Jacki: I had decided to dedicate myself to exploring my strained relationship with my mother. By then I was an adult and it was time to be free of past. One very poignant visit to my records, Spirit showed me a younger version of my mother, sitting there overwhelmed with her nearly dozen children and all dreams of what her life was going to be like dissolved. I saw how afraid she was and realized that she was more broken from the events in her life than I ever imagined. I saw how she didn’t recognize that she had options and there were tools available for her to heal and strengthen herself. In spite of that handicap, my mother rallied and worked very hard to be the best mother possible. She literally put everything she had into accomplishing that. And for that I was grateful. But, this insight also gave me an opportunity to put down my defenses and connect with the compassion I needed to let her be a person with her own wounds and flaws. I championed myself and let the success I feel right now be cornerstone I needed see. I can now meet my mother on more equal footing instead of letting her have too much authority in my life.

That is what I call and Akashic miracle.

Patty: My most powerful personal experience happened when I learned that the records speak the language of metaphors. For many years I thought I was viewing life time after life time of abuse from life forms very alien to me. I often did not want to go into my records in fear I’d be thrown in the middle of another horrific science fiction movie where I was the one under the glass being studied. Then one fateful time, it dawned on me that I needed to look at the word alien more closely. Emotions instead of pictures taught me that I was feeling like an alien in my own life because my oversensitive nature and shyness kept me disconnected from people. I was constantly feeling over exposed and that was painful for me. I never considered that I got stuck on the literal meaning of the alien metaphor. I thought I had to heal this strange phenomenon happening in my records and that just seemed impossible. What do you do with storied of alien abduction and torture anyway? Ever since I figured that out I made much better progress on healing my insecurities and lack of trust. As a healer, I listen to the stories and gently bring them back to now and ask, “what are these stories masking in my clients life?”. Once I ask that, the records start showing me different pictures. Oh and don’t get me wrong….I don’t handily dismiss stories of aliens. I just make sure it’s the truth before I go down that rabbit hole.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw and you’ll check out their new book DIY Akashic Wisdom, Access the Library of Your Soulat


When you visit their page and sign up for their newsletter you’ll receive a free recording of their Introduction to the Akashic Records with a meditation that will take you right into your own Akashic record room.


When you buy DIY Akashic Wisdom on launch day (October 1, 2013) from you will also receive three more recording from their Akashic Wisdom workshop series.

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Christopher Penczak is the co-founder of the Temple of Witchcraft, a system, tradition and religious nonprofit organization focused on magickal education and building community. He is an award winning author of over twenty books, including The Inner Temple of Witchcraft, The Three Rays of Witchcraft and Ascension Magick and a co-owner of Copper Cauldron Publishing, a company dedicated to producing inspirational products of magick and art for the evolution of consciousness for individuals and the world. Based in New England, he travels internationally to teach magick and healing.


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