Threads: Musings of a Wodenic Cunning Woman

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Call for Submissions: Masks of the High One - a Devotional Anthology for Odin

A little more than a year ago, I put out a call for submissions for Prayers to the Allfather, a book of prayers and rituals for Odin. Well, despite a number of people being kind enough to share my CFS across the internet, I received exactly three submissions. Due to various factors in my life at the time, I just wasn’t feeling equal to writing the bulk of a book of prayers on my own (since when I think prayers, I think poetry, and I am not primarily a poet), so I reluctantly shelved the project for a while.

Then I got to thinking: maybe a prayer book is too limiting. Maybe most other pagans, witches and polytheists out there also shy away from writing prayers for public consumption, either because they feel too personal, or because (like me) they associate them with poetry and feel unequal to the task. Maybe I pigeonholed my own project into the remainder bin.

And then it occurred to me: no one (to my knowledge) has yet to come forth with a devotional anthology for and about Odin. All of my initial foot-dragging on the notion of such a project aside, I finally had to ask myself whether I wanted to be the one to step up to the plate and do this, or whether I wanted to wait until someone else did it, and have to live with the regret.

And so, here we are. Today, on August 30th 2014, I am opening submissions for Masks of the High One: A Devotional Anthology for Odin. Submissions will close on May 1st, 2015.

As far as I am able, I want to make this book a true reflection of some of Odin’s countless masks (both historical and modern), His relationships with His devotees, and the myriad ways in which He inspires and changes people’s lives. To that end, I am interested in all of the following: personal anecdotes and gnosis/doxa, original retellings of myths, prayers, songs, scholarly articles, essays, hymns, poems, artwork (clear black and white images or black and white photographs, please!), spellwork, recipes (for food and drink offerings, incense, oils, baths, etc.), sacred fiction (no erotica, please; I don’t necessarily find this disrespectful as such, but it is one of the few boundaries I wish to maintain in this book), and rituals celebrating Odin and His Family. (Pieces touching on His relationships with Frigga, Balder, Loki, Gunnlod, Bragi, and Bestla are especially welcomed.)

The finished book will be published by Wild Hunt Press, and although I am not able to provide financial payment, contributors whose work appears in the published book will receive either a .pdf or mobi (Kindle) copy. (Please note that sending a contribution does not guarantee inclusion in the book.)

Please feel free to submit as often as you like; you will retain your original copyright for any and all work. Previously published work is welcome, provided you retain the original copyright. All work must be original, with sources (if applicable) properly cited in MLA style.

With your submission, please provide a small bio about yourself to be included within the anthology, in case your work is accepted. All contributors will be asked to sign a publication release prior to the publication date (which I am hoping will be in the fall of 2015); without this document, I won’t be able to include your work in the book.

I reserve the right to make minor changes to formatting, spelling, and grammar as necessary. Requests for modifications of submissions may be made as necessary. I reserve the right to reject submissions.

Please send all submissions as .doc, .rtf, .odt, or .jpg files attached to an email, to my email address: wodandis at gmail dot com. All artwork needs to be 300 dpi. Please make sure your subject header is: Odin Devotional. Again, the deadline for submissions is May 1st, 2015, and I will be posting periodic reminders—as well as any news or changes—here in the blog. Please feel free to spread the word!

I want to say one more thing, and this is very important: my sole objective with this project is to honor Odin, so I am hoping no one will let a problematic past history with me stand in the way of sending in a submission or spreading the word about the project. I will be evaluating all submissions solely on their own merits and in light of my vision for the book; personal issues either past or present will not enter into it. I am putting all of that behind me in the interest of turning out a book that will serve as a proper tribute to my Beloved God, and as a tool that will hopefully serve as a resource for His devotees far into the future.

Image credit: Wodan_heilt_Balders_Pferd_by_Emil_Doepler

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I am a polytheist, Odinic nun, full-time pagan solopreneur, and urban hedge witch living in Eugene, Oregon. Dedicated to Odin since 2002, and recently working with the Morrigan as well. Would you know more, or what?


  • Anthony Gresham
    Anthony Gresham Monday, 01 September 2014

    I don't usually work with Odin but your blog inspired me this morning and I couldn't stop thinking about it during lunch so I wrote the following:

    Odin Good Old Boy

    By pickup he rides, two hounds by his side.
    A rifle in the gun-rack and a cooler in the back.
    Four-wheelin on asphalt and dirt road alike.
    Country, blue grass and Rockabilly on the stereo.
    He's Odin Good Old Boy

    Husband and father, uncle and grandfather.
    Patron of poets, officers, politicians and conjurman.
    He's the old man down the road, the grey wanderer.
    The Bible, the Eddas, and The Book of Mormon are all tools in his hands.
    He's Odin Good Old Boy.

    He likes his beer and whisky, his cider and his wine.
    He makes the deals in the board room and at the dining table.
    He's the sheriff and the commisioner, the governor and the judge.
    He's the committe chairman and the corporate CEO, he makes the rules and enforces the law.
    He's Odin Good Old Boy.

    He likes his hunting and fishing, and concerts in the park.
    He's and officer and a gentleman who knows the art of war.
    He's fought and slain, he's been wounded and maimed.
    He walks the halls of power and the battlefield with equal strength.
    He's Odin Good Old Boy

    Beloved and hated, respected and despised, he has a job to do.
    Devoted husband, creative lover, and winsome friend.
    Mentor and teacher he leads by example.
    Lore master, he knows the way of the wyrd.
    He's Odin Good Old Boy.

    I'll try to get it too you in pdf form.

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