One-Eyed Cat: Northern European (Germanic, Celtic and Slavic) Paganism

This is the magic of Freyja and I am her völva: a seer, priestess and oracle.

Sharing wisdom taught by the Norse Gods over twenty years of practice, I teach safer seiðr / seidhr (Norse trance work and fate-magic), reverent animism, and deeper workings with the Gods and land spirits through respect for all life and peoples. We'll also explore the wider Eurasian influences on central and northern European religion, including Norse, Slavic, Celtic, Baltic, Siberian, Mediterranean and ancient Indo-European beliefs and discuss how to apply them to contemporary practice.

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Easy Ways to Purify for Imbolc, Disablot and Candlemas (or any other occasion)

Just as autumn leaves compost and fertilize new spring shoots, the old and outmoded must be cleansed to make way for the new.

The upcoming holiday, whether you call it Imbolc, Disablot, Entschtanning, Gromnitsy or Candlemas, is traditionally very concerned with a deep purification of the soul, body and space. Purification is a big deal in Northern European practice-- and an even bigger deal if you engage in any type of trance work, like seið.

But how do you start? It’s really not hard or complicated to perform a basic clearing. Physical cleanliness is an important component, and, once that’s done, the energetic cleansing is much easier.

Here are a number of articles I’ve written on such clearing rituals:



#1 How to Perform An Incense Smudging Ritual to Cleanse Negative Energy

Simple, yet effective, smudging only requires a minimum of tools — from wood chips or herb bundles to incense, here’s how to do it.

”Smudging” or clearing using incense or some form of aromatic smoke is one of the easiest ways to perform an effective energy clearing. It’s a method found worldwide, under a number of names, for a reason. Here are some simple steps to do so thoroughly and safely, while making anyone else involved feel comfortable as you work.


#2 How to Make a Smudge Stick for Energy Clearing

Love the act of smudging — but want to respect native cultures, add some extra potency, save money and be eco-friendly at the same time?

The tools you make yourself, from local, sustainably harvested plants that have the land's energy, or ones you have grown yourself will always be stronger than anything you can buy in a store. White sage, while popular, is over-used and it has lost its spiritual meaning through appropriation.


#3 6 Sustainable Alternatives to White Sage Smudge Sticks

If you love the results of smudging but are concerned about both respecting and avoiding misappropriating from another culture, try these plants instead. White sage, quite frankly, is an increasingly endangered plant from a fragile eco-system that has been commercially marketed well outside its proper spiritual context. While it is a lovely plant ally you can grow, and reputable native suppliers can be found out in the American Southwest, there are many, many other effective plants out there. Find one locally, or source one that is meaningful to both your ecosystem and ancestry.

Need a method without smoke? That’s covered, too.


#4 Easy Magic: How to Clear Negative Energy From Yourself and Your Space With a Candle Flame

Think performing an energy clearing requires any special tools, crystals or elaborate rituals? Nope!

Candle or fire clearings are one of my favorite methods. They also happen to be thoroughly Norse. This one includes a non-denominational blessing I was given directly by a Goddess for a reason: pagans and magical folk of all sorts can use it.

When you perform this as an animist, aware of the divinity of fire itself, the positive effect is greatly amplified.


#5 Simple Solar Meditation to Clear Your Energy

Need a daily practice that cleanses, balances you and strengthens your magic and connection to nature and the divine? Look no further. Frey taught me this, and all it takes is 30 seconds. Longer if you really want to connect deeply and clear out. Try it faithfully for a month at dawn and you may find that your life changes in both subtle and more apparent outside ways afterward.

Why is this important? The sun is holy. It’s also part of you, part of all of us.

It shouldn’t surprise you that after doing this, I discovered a number of variants floating around, from Welsh druidry to Slavic practice— all stemming from the same source. When something gets around this much, you know it’s an important practice to revive.

What’s your favorite method of clearing before Imbolc or any other time? Please share it!


Rebecca Peterson, Marcus Paolo Prado, Brittany Collette, Kayla Maurais and Zac Durant on Unsplash.

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Shirl Sazynski is a priestess trained directly by Frey, Odin and Freyja. She is passionately committed to returning the Gods' magical and spiritual wisdom to our awareness, healing the rift between us and our ancestors and strengthening our friendship with the Gods, the land and the spirits sharing our world.

Her column, "One-Eyed Cat", runs in Witches and Pagans Magazine and she also writes as /@Modern_Volva on Medium. An oracle, icon painter and author, her work has appeared in both popular and pagan media.


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