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Konkokyo LGBT Kai

Posted by on in Paths Blogs

So, this is more of a news article, but also one that is very near and dear to me! First, I will share the announcement from the Konkokyo Honolulu Kyokai below!:



Aloha e everyone:

On behalf of Reverend Masayuki Inoue, I wanted to share with all of you wonderful news.

On February 15, 2018 (February 14, 2018 - USA time - how apropos ), the Konkōkyō LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender) Kai received official recognition (Kakushū Dantai) from Konkōkyō Headquarters.

What makes this historic is this makes Konkōkyō the first religion in the Kyōha Shintō Renmei (Association of Sectarian Shintō Religions), and possibly one of the few religions in Japan, to recognize the LGBT community and to have a group dedicated to the understanding, protecting, and helping of LGBT individuals, as well as helping ministers and believers to learn more, understand, and embrace differences.

From the acceptance of Reverend Hisada’s (first open transgender minister in Konkōkyō - FTM) name change to giving Kakushū Dantai (official recognition) status to the Konkōkyō LGBT Kai, Reverend Inoue is very grateful that the present Konkōkyō Headquarter’s administration is truly looking at equity and understanding in our faith (and not just in regards to LGBTQ+ matters).

There are many trailblazers and supporters to give appreciation to, who helped make this possible: Konko Church of Amagasaki, Honolulu, Izuo, Kami Kitazawa, San Francisco, Tokiwadai, Vancouver, Wahiawa, and Whittier-Rose Hill just to name a few.

Reverend Inoue would like to thank all of you for your prayers and support. We look forward to the Konkōkyō LGBT Kai’s future activities. If you have any questions, you may send them to the administrators of this page* [*on Facebook, send me a private ask or message on tumblr if you would like the link,or you can search on Facebook] and we will do our best to respond to them.

#konkokyo #thankyoukonkosama #konkosamathankyou
#lgbt #金光教”"


In other words, the LGBT Kai in Konkokyo, once an independent movement by ministers part of the LGBT community, are now officially recognized by the Konkokyo headquarters and head shrine! And it is quite historic as now it is the first member of the Kyoha Shinto Rengokai/Renmei to do so, and within the Shinto sphere.

I didn't see the announcement at first, I heard it from a friend, and I teared up of joy. It was a huge feeling of happiness, so proud, and validation. It was and still is such a wonderful feeling to know.

Now, generally speaking, Shinto is not so closed-minded in this sense, but in Jinja Shinto organization and other sects (Kyoha) Shinto, it is not so clear cut or officially accepting. Some shrines and priests are more open and accepting, and do same-sex marriages as well - but some also have the ability to be closed or refuse people in the LGBT community, depending on each individual shrine. What makes this so special and happy to me is that now that there is an official, clear, and open announcement as a goal and acceptance from the Konkokyo head shrine and headquarters, it is so much more secure and validating as well in my viewpoint.

I really feel this is the right step forward and completely in line with the teachings of Konkokyo in particular as well. I give all my gratitude and thanks for those who made this possible, and I hope to see more growth and more positive news in the future!

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Hello! I am Olivia. Nice to meet you. I am an ordained Konkokyo priestess since October 22nd, 2015. My hometown is Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but I'm currently working as an associate minister/priestess and miko at the Konkokyo Yokosuka Kyoukai in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan. During my training, I went to various shrines and temples, and regions all around Japan, and I want to share all the spiritual knowledge I was able to learn with many others all around the world. I hope to help others as much as I can!


  • Aryós Héngwis
    Aryós Héngwis Thursday, 01 March 2018

    This is great news! Thank you for sharing!

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