Back on my own blog, I asked my readers what they would like to read from me. I was wondering what they came back for and if I was somehow not filling a void I hadn't even thought of. As it turns out, my readers were pretty happy, but they would like to hear more about my personal practice. I can understand; I am not good at talking about that, so I rarely do. As a result of that feedback, I made two videos about Hellenic basics: preparing and using khernips, and pouring libations.

For both these videos goes that the way I do it, may not be the way everyone does it. It's the basic steps that matter most. So without further ado: here's a video of me preparing and using khernips, and below, a video of me pouring libation. Sorry about the quality, my phone seems to have some trouble focussing. I promise any future videos will be stable.


The next video picks up right where the video on khernips left off. It shows the Hellenic way of pouring libation. This specific type of libation is a sponde, an offering to the Olympic deities that is shared with mortals.

If these vlogs are something you'd like to see more of, please let me know and I'll try to think up a few other rituals to show you. If you have requests, don't hesitate to let me know.