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Look Into the Future

Posted by on in Paths Blogs

 Look into the Future: The Value of Prophecy


People walk through life and make decisions all of the time: what to do, where to go, is this something I should be doing, is this the right thing to do? One often looks to one’s own intuition or perhaps to that inner voice that often knows what to do. From time to time, we come to a situation that requires a little more insight than one may be able to muster. Thus the need for prophecy arises.


I have done readings – participated in prophetic workings – for years. Yet, when it came to looking into the future for my own benefit, I always seemed to fall short. Therefore, I looked to the talent of others when it came to the prospects of prophecy for me.


I consider it kind of like proofreading one’s own work: sometimes, you just miss things that are right in front of you. Therefore, over the years, I have sought out folks who would do readings for me. Often times I would take people up on doing readings for me when I had done readings for them in the past. This worked out fairly well, but the long-term viability of such an arrangement is questionable. If I ask you for a favour today to repay a good deed from before, then, technically, we may be even after one reading.


Finding a good seer is kind like finding a good dentist or a good decorator: what appeals to one person may not necessarily thrill the next, so one’s mileage may vary when it comes to the impromptu reader. So, given these variances, what is a person to do?


Well, much like looking for a car (there are many cars out there and many dealers selling the same vehicles), one has to shop around. Shopping for a seer is slightly different than looking for a commodity: the seer isn’t offering a thing; they are offering a service, so one must know what one expects in the form of presentation, give-and-take, and of course, cost.


It is interesting. I just finished reading Herodotus’ “The Persian Wars”, and his nine-book masterwork often talks about the oracles that “races” or “nations” received from oracles, be they Delphic, Bacchic, or regional ones. During the time of these histories, oracles were common-place and moreover they were believed. From the perspective of Herodotus, there are few if any examples of oracles that were just wrong, but many, many examples of oracles that were proved out by the historical record. The priests and priestesses of the temples which housed the oracles were people of high regard. Their consul was trusted and when, in the unlikely event that they were bribed or passed false information, the retribution and punishment came to them in short order.


This would be much more difficult these days. The days of oracles are lost in the far distant past. People are much more interested – for large-scale movements – to consult opinion polls and to review trends, although investment advisors are quick to tell you that past performance is no gauge of future gains. I have sat back and pondered the logistics of it: where could such oracles be situated? How could the priests and priestesses remain independent and incorruptible? How would one qualify for such a position? How could one sustain oneself in such a métier?


It is challenging to consider, to say the least. The Gods spoke louder, it seems, in days past and the more people believe in these Gods, the louder the voice becomes. According to Herodotus, the oracles were known far and wide. People and nations brought large and valuable sacrifices, which were not necessarily for the enrichment of those giving the oracles, but for the glory of the Gods to which the oracles were dedicated. It staggers the mind to consider such a set up these days.


So, with the possibility, at least for the time being, of large-scale Pagan oracles being unlikely, perhaps we need to turn to our own personal oracles, to those methodologies and persons that we trust and, given the passage of time and experience, have borne out  good service to those who seek, namely ourselves.


I have found some talented individuals over time. I have a person that I call to when I need insight and I am blessed to have discovered their amazing services. The first time they read for me, it was a tremendous experience of good news and insights and new ways of looking at things. Not only was it insightful, it was fascinating. I wanted more. The proximity of this individual and the fact that it was a service that they offered made it such that I would only use their services from time to time.


When the next reading came to pass, all that beauty and wonder and sunshine was dispelled like a strong wind on a blustery day. The news that was delivered to me was seemingly offered at the end of many swords. There was bad news and there was worse news and there was just calamity and a box of woes. Since my intuition made me feel that this person had some abilities (great abilities, actually) and since the delivery of the news was done with care and compassion, I felt that this reading was exactly what I needed to know at the time: forewarned is forearmed, after all. I took notes, licked my wounds, and went my way.


After the allotted time period for which the reading applied had passed, I once again sought out the skill of my personal oracle and the next reading was much less daunting than the first, but showed a certain direction in which things were going. What struck me was that it made sense, like a long story that continues with purpose and with obvious milestones along the way. These weren’t just “you are going to be happy” and “you are going to be sad” kind of messages, but more profound and more detailed messages that not only applied, but came to pass. I remember distinctly before one of them that I said “this can’t possibly be the case” (I have said this before). And it was.


Therefore, lacking the ability to move back in time to visit Delphi or lacking a modern day equivalent, situated in some sacred temple on some friendly shore, look into the future with your own personal oracle. Hear what they have to say about the road ahead – forewarned is forearmed – and at least as you walk the journey of life, you will find yourself perhaps better prepared for what lies ahead. And, as always, make sure to thank your personal oracle and make sure to thank your Gods.




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I am a long-time pagan and charter member of ADF, Ar nDraoicht Fein, a Druid Fellowship. I am a Senior Priest in as well as the Arch Druid of ADF. I am a Druid of the Third Order, RDNA; Druid Grade, OBOD; and a Second Degree Druid Companion in AODA. I love Druidry!  


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