The Personal Way


                The personal Way is the way of the individual. The Personal Way is the Way of the pagan. The Way is the call of the cycles as they whirl overhead and underfoot. The cycles are ever-present and cry out for recognition. The Earth Mother and Father Sky make up the universe and participate in its activity. As a child of the Earth and Sky, this pagan recognizes and cherishes the cycles. The pagan is a participant in the Universe. The pagan holds NO dominion over this world. The pagan is a child of the Way, not the Lord of the Way. For the Way is not a Master, but a participant in the Way. The pagan, the Earth Mother, Father Sky, the gods and goddesses and stars and all in the universe participate in the dance of the Way. For to dance in the Way is to live in the Way.


                Living in the Way is the warmth of the bonfire, as pagans dance around, laughing in the Way. Living in the Way is the roar of silence as space surrounds this orb in its voyage through the Aether. And the Gods surround us and circle, circle, Living in the Way.