In the grand scheme of our own personal practice, and in some cases our own Druidry, I find that it is those small, intimate places that may be critical to what we do. In many way, my altar is where I practice, and where I do so may be mobile or variable. Therefore, from the corner of my desk, of my room, of my home, of my planet, or of my universe, I offer this prayer:


In My Corner (Corner Prayer)


In my corner of the room,

I call to my household Gods,

To give them a home,

With offerings of water,

And shelter,

And honour.


In my corner of this shrine,

I call to the Ancestors,

To give them a home,

With offerings of memory,

And recollection,

And whiskey,

For their thirst.


In my corner of this yard,

I call to the Earth Mother,

To give her a place to rest,

With offerings of peace,

Amidst the flowers,

Amidst the plants,

Amidst the life in slow-motion.


In my corner of this forest,

I call to the spirits of Nature,

To be part of the flow,

With offerings of observation,

The stream babbles its name,

The leaves rustle their story,

The wind sings to the land.


In my corner of the sky,

I call to the many Gods,

Shining down upon me with their rays,

With offerings of prayers and palms to the sky,

I lift this gifts up to you,

I capture the bounty down-pouring,

I gather this moment,

In my corner of time.


Blessings to you all.