Victorian Flower Language

Although flowers have had ‘meanings’ for centuries, it was the Victorians that really jumped on the band wagon with this idea, a particular flower or the scent of one on a handkerchief could send a very important message to a suitor.   It was a whole ‘secret’ language devised to send messages or convey meanings in the form of flowers.  The list is huge and varied but the following will give you some idea.

Apple blossom – good fortune

Aster – love

Azalea – passion, take care

Bachelor’s Buttons – celibacy

Balm – sympathy

Begonia – beware

Bittersweet – truth

Bluebell – gratitude, humility

Broom – humility

Buttercup – riches, childlike

Camellia (pink) – longing

Camellia (white) – adoration, perfect

Camellia (red) – passion

Carnation (pink) – never forget you

Carnation (red) – my heart longs for you

Carnation (white) – innocence, pure love

Carnation (yellow) – disappointment

Celandine – joy

Chickweed – holding on to you

Chrysanthemum – abundance

Chrysanthemum (white) – truth

Chrysanthemum (red) – love

Cornflower – refinement

Cowslip – healing, youth, grace

Crocus – cheer, gladness

Cyclamen – goodbye

Daffodil – respect, unrequited love

Dahlia – dignity, elegance, forever yours

Daisy – innocence, loyalty, pure, beauty

Dandelion – faithful, happiness

Delphinium – fun

Dill – lust

Edelweiss – courage

Elderflower – zeal

Euphorbia – persistence

Forget me not – true love, memories

Forsythia – anticipation

Foxglove – youth

Freesia – trust, innocence

Fushia – love

Gardenia – secret love, purity

Geranium – friendship

Gerbera – innocence

Gladioli – generosity

Goldenrod – be cautious, encouragement

Harebell – humility, grief

Heather – admiration, wishes

Heliotrope – devotion

Hibsicus – consumed by love

Holly – defence, forgotten

Hollyhock – fruitfulness

Honesty – sincerity

Honeysuckled – love

Hyacinth – consistency, sorry

Hydrangea – understanding

Iris – faith, promise, hope

Ivy – affection

Jasmine – sensuality, grace

Larkspur – open heart

Lavender – love, devotion

Lilac – beauty, pride, emotions

Lily (white) – purity

Lily (yellow) – false, gratitude

Lily of the valley – sweetness, happiness

Magnolia – nobility

Mallow – beauty, sweetness

Marigold – love, affection, sorrow

Marjoram – happiness

Mint – virtue

Mistletoe – affection, kisses

Morning glory – affection

Motherwort – secret love

Mugwort – tranquillity

Mullein – good nature

Myrtle – love, joy

Nasturtium – conquest

Oak – bravery

Orchid – love, beauty

Pansy – you are in my thoughts

Parsley – knowledge

Peach blossom – I am captivated

Peony – shame, happy marriage, compassion

Periwinkle – memories

Petunia – I am soothed by you

Poppy (red) - pleasure

Poppy (white) – consolation

Poppy (yellow) – success

Primrose – I can’t live without you

Rhododendron – danger

Rose (pink) – happiness, secret love, indecision

Rose (red) – love

Rose (white) – innocence, silence

Rose (yellow) – joy, jealousy

Rosemary – remembrance

Sage – wisdom, respect

Snapdragon – gracious, strength

Snowdrop – hope, consolation

Sunflower – adoration

Sweetpea – thank you but goodbye

Tulip – perfect

Tulip (red) – believe me

Tulip (yellow) – your smile is sunshine

Valerian – accommodating

Verbena – sensibility

Vervain – enchantment

Violet – modesty, affection, virtue

Wormwood – do not be discouraged

Yarrow – heartache cure


Flowers for intent

If you have a family member or friend that you are visiting and planning on taking flowers too, add a bit of magic to them.   You can charge the flowers with your intent whether that is for friendship, love, happiness or healing – whatever you choose.

Cut out or purchase a gift tag and write your message on it and attach it to the flowers.  Charge the gift tag and your flowers with your intent, saying something along the lines of:

Beautiful bounty of nature with your fragrant smell

Bring healing wishes and make *insert name* well


Beautiful flowers fresh and bright

Bring happiness to *insert name8 and make their mood light

You get the idea…