Garden spells

You can work magic for all of your plants by charging the water, soil and plant feed with energy. Visualise positive light flowing into it before you use it and perhaps devise some chants to use. Create a chant to say each time you water to bring nourishing energy and growth, and one to use when you plant seeds or seedlings to encourage strong growth.


Tree blessing spell

When you plant a tree you could perform a small blessing ritual. Devise a chant and charge the water and soil before you put it in the ground. Maybe even pop a circle of pebbles or shells around the base of the trunk as an offering and blessing to promote strong and healthy growth.


Garden blessing spell

Sprinkle apple juice around your garden in a clockwise direction. Chant to bring blessings of love, peace and abundance.


Basil banishing spell

Draw a symbol on a basil leaf to represent what you want to be rid of. Leave the leaf out in the sun to dry. When it is done, burn the leaf to release the energy.


Courage spell

Wear a carnation in your hair or on your lapel to bring courageous energy.


Happiness spell

Plant cyclamen to bring happiness and joy to your garden and household. They also help with relationships and va va voom.


Fairy protection spell

Plant African violets or have them in your house to protect against fairy mischief, they will also help with spiritual energy and connection.


Money spell

Sprinkle money with dried chamomile or a chamomile solution to ensure money keeps coming in.

Bamboo brings prosperity energy with it, add a green crystal to the roots when planting it and money will come your way.


Sun energy

Bring daisies into the house or carry a dried daisy flower with you to draw upon the solar energy.



Red geraniums are often grown to bring protection to a witch’s house. Having geraniums inside your house will encourage a hospitable atmosphere.


Anti-abuse spell

Carry a piece of lavender with you to help protect against verbal and emotional abuse.


Anti-gossip spell

Make a fetish using a marigold flower and a bay leaf tied together to protect against gossip.


Memory charm

Take a whiff of rosemary to clear your mind and improve your memory. If you are taking an exam or test, take a piece of rosemary with you.


Protection spell

Cactus plants are by their very nature protective, that’s what the spines are there for. Use them in the garden (if your climate allows) or place them indoors beside doors and windows to bring in protection.


Wisdom spell

Sprinkle dried sage into your shoes so that you ‘walk with wisdom’.