Ullr in Norse mythology is a god who hunts with a bow in the winter on skis, and so, his distinguishing characteristics are the same as Skadhi's. Many heathens consider Ullr and Skadhi to be a couple or at least counterparts.

In modern times, Ullr is still a popular god. Ullr medallions are still worn by skiers for protection, even skiers who are not heathen or pagan. There is a brand of schnapps named Ullr which is marketed to skiers.

In the Fireverse, Ullr is a winter king, but not the only one. During the wedding of Thor and Sif when all the gods and goddesses show up in their most formal attire, it becomes obvious that there are multiple summer and winter kings in Asgard, just like there are more than one god or goddess with powers related to the sea, to war, to agriculture, to death, etc. Ullr often appears with white hair, although he can also appear with black hair. His colors are blue and white.

Image: Ullr depicted on a rune stone, public domain via Wikimedia Commons

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