The story of the karmadillo could be a parable, except that it's true. It perfectly illustrates the concepts of wyrd and orlog.

Wyrd is basically the law of cause and effect. Orlog is the layers of past action that affect current action. Past actions that affected this situation include someone in the man's society inventing a firearm, the firearm company selling firearms, the man buying one-- which implies all the past actions from the man's ancestors moving to America to the man getting a job which paid him enough to buy the home where this happened and have enough money left to buy a gun and ammunition for it-- and on the other side of the equation, all the many actions of nature that resulted in the evolution of an animal with a bulletproof armor hide.

That is all the past, the layers of orlog or ur-law. Wyrd takes over in the present tense when the man shoots at an armor plated opponent and it bounces back at him. The armadillo becomes the karmadillo, illustrating cause and effect. 

Link to news story from 2015: 

Image: armadillo by clker free vector images via Pixabay